Discipline with Dignity: New Challenges, New Solutions

Discipline with Dignity: New Challenges, New Solutions

Discipline with Dignity: New Challenges, New Solutions

Discipline with Dignity: New Challenges, New Solutions


Discipline with Dignity details an affirming approach to managing the classroom that promotes respect for self and others. This completely updated 3rd edition offers practical solutions that emphasize relationship building, curriculum relevance, and academic success. The emphasis is on preventing problems by helping students to understand each other, work well together, and develop responsibility for their own actions, but the authors also include intervention strategies for handling common and severe problems in dignified ways.

Filled with real-life examples and authentic teacher-student dialogues, Discipline with Dignity is a comprehensive and flexible system of prevention and intervention tools that shows how educators at all levels can

•Be fair without necessarily treating every student the same way.

•Customize the classroom to reflect today's highly diverse and inclusive student population.

•Seek students' help in creating values-based rules and appropriate consequences.

•Use humor appropriately and effectively to respond to abusive language.

•Fine-tune strategies to resolve issues with chronically misbehaving students and "ringleaders" or bullies.

This book is not simply a compendium of strategies for dealing with bad behavior. It is a guide to helping students see themselves in a different way, to changing the way they interact with the world. The strategies innate to this approach help students make informed choices to behave well. When they do, they become more attuned to learning and to understanding how to use what they learn to improve their lives and the lives of others--with dignity.


When ASCD asked us to write a new edition of Discipline with Dignity, we were given an opportunity to review our work and its impact on children in the years since we first wrote it. We invited Brian Mendler to join us in this endeavor. Brian is an experienced teacher and has used the Discipline with Dignity strategies and philosophy in his classroom with the most challenging of students. Brian adds real-life experience and fresh ideas to our original work. He has challenged us to review our older beliefs and brings a wonderful charm that has greatly enhanced this new book. We are very grateful for his contribution.

Throughout the process of writing this book, the three of us have carefully examined every page of our original work. We are happy to say that much of the original work is still pertinent and remains intact. However, we have enhanced, added, and learned so much since the first publication. Students have changed, society has changed, schools have changed, and, of course, so have we. This edition stays true to our original beliefs and values. Children and teachers need dignity and tools to learn to become responsible people. Yet so much more has been added. We hope you benefit as much from reading this new edition as we have from writing it.

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