Taking Charge of Professional Development: A Practical Model for Your School

Taking Charge of Professional Development: A Practical Model for Your School

Taking Charge of Professional Development: A Practical Model for Your School

Taking Charge of Professional Development: A Practical Model for Your School


How can every teacher, school, and district improve the quality of their schools? The answer is to empower teachers to take charge of their own learning, says author and teacher Joseph H. Semadeni. In this book, you'll learn how the Fusion professional development model can help you do just that.

This accessible, customizable, and affordable model gives you proven ways to successfully establish teaching and learning practices that are grounded in solid educational research. In some schools, you may wish to begin the program with just a few teachers and let it gain recognition, support, and buy-in from the biggest skeptics. In other schools, the whole staff may be inspired to create their own lists of best practices, funding levels, and new school-day schedules. In both scenarios, schools have successfully implemented Fusion where it was needed the most.

What's most appealing to teachers is that this approach gives them the chance to determine what strategies they want to learn, how much professional development they want to access, and when it best fits their schedules. As teachers learn, use, observe, and are observed practicing the strategies in their classrooms, they determine which practices best fit their students and foster achievement. With experience, teachers become eligible for related pay increases and Fusion helps teachers to foster the qualities, attitudes, and behaviors necessary to establish and nurture a collaborative culture within the school community.


The back-and-forth motion used to plow a potato field inspired the development of television. The development of air conditioning originated by observing fog at a train station. The idea for sticky notes came while listening to a sermon in church. Fusion came to me while sitting under a tree waiting for a class on developmental supervision to begin. I was pondering the differences between teaching and administration when suddenly ideas of ways to enhance professional development flowed into my mind. After sketching a quick diagram in the back of a textbook, I hurried to class.

Since that day under the tree, I have spent hours researching the principles that have come to be known as Fusion. Ironically, the more I’ve studied, the more I’ve realized that the basic ideas that came to me within a matter of minutes are founded on sound, research-based principles. As you read this book, I invite you to compare Fusion with the latest research to see if you come to the same conclusion.

After completing my administrative endorsement, I returned to the classroom because I believe teachers play a vital role in the school improvement process, and I wanted to gain a better understanding of adult motivation from a teacher’s perspective. The district where I teach is located in Star Valley, Wyoming, a . . .

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