Time to Teach: How Do I Get Organized and Work Smarter?

Time to Teach: How Do I Get Organized and Work Smarter?

Time to Teach: How Do I Get Organized and Work Smarter?

Time to Teach: How Do I Get Organized and Work Smarter?


Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by everything you want to accomplish as a teacher? Do you ever wish you were better organized for the school day? Experienced educator Jenny Edwards offers positive and practical ideas for more effectively using your time to accomplish your goals. Start by analyzing how you use time now and identifying areas you'd like to improve. Then apply more than a dozen time-management strategies, such as breaking a task down into doable pieces, touching paper or e-mail only once, and learning when to say no. With time-saving tips for planning lessons, assessing students, keeping records, communicating with parents, delegating tasks, and more, this timely publication will show you how to make the most of the hours you have--so you can spend them on what matters most.


Do you have projects and tasks that you would like to get to and just can’t find the time? Have you ever found yourself saying, “If only I had more time in my day”? Have you been working long hours just to stay on top of your job, all the while lamenting that you were still not accomplishing what you would really like to accomplish? If so, then this book is for you!

Years ago, I read a Garfield cartoon. He said, “Jump into the pillow, Nermal!” When Nermal jumped, Garfield pulled the pillow out from under him, and he landed on the floor. Nermal said, “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?” Garfield replied, “I do everything on purpose!” This publication includes strategies for doing things on purpose in order to help you accomplish even more at work so that you can enjoy your life outside school and come to work refreshed.

You have really been managing time all of your life. You have already developed many strategies that you have been using to get to where you are, professionally and personally. As you are reading this publication and applying strategies that might work for you, brainstorming more strategies of your own, and perhaps remembering and using strategies that you have used in the past, you will be surprised and delighted at just how much more you are accomplishing.

Take the ideas that might be helpful and make them your own. Change them to fit your needs. Use them as springboards to develop your own creative solutions to make your life easier and even more enjoyable. Share ideas with colleagues and learn from them.

The principles and strategies in this book apply to both your professional life and your personal life. Use them at school to enable you to serve your students even better, and use them at home to save time for doing things that you enjoy. There is no “correct” way to do things, unless it is correct for you. Not everything will apply to everyone. Take what best serves your needs. You are probably already doing many of these things, and others that are equally as good and even better.

To get the maximum benefit from this book, you might find it helpful to use a Time Management Journal, whether paper or digital, for recording ideas, “ahas,” and brainstorms related to the various topics. Enjoy the journey, and have fun!

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