Simply Indispensable: An Action Guide for School Librarians

Simply Indispensable: An Action Guide for School Librarians

Simply Indispensable: An Action Guide for School Librarians

Simply Indispensable: An Action Guide for School Librarians


A structured approach to advocacy for K-12 school librarians focuses their energy on an active path that showcases library programs and resources and expresses the essential role librarians serve in school and student success.

• Ideas and templates to help librarians systematically bring library programs into the stakeholder's field of vision

• Quizzes to reinforce suggested actions


What Does It Mean to Be Simply Indispensable?

Being indispensable means that even in times of budget cuts, the library program is not considered a potential target. Being indispensable means you have a front line of administrators, teachers, students, parents, and a community who protect their school library from all threats coming from both inside and outside, from above and all around.

In an article examining graduating high school students’ lack of readiness for college, Rettig, an academic librarian writing while president of the American Library Association, points out the importance of state certified school librarians.

“Librarians are teachers just as much as those assigned to classrooms (indeed, 90
percent of a school librarian’s day is spent teaching children), and they collabo
rate with other teachers to give students rich learning experiences. Other teach
ers, hard-pressed to meet their own responsibilities, cannot keep up with all of
the books, videos, and Web sites that would be beneficial to students. They
depend on their school’s librarian to expose children to good information and
to ensure that high-school graduates are information literate—and so, in turn,
do college professors and librarians.”

So how do we do this when we have so many other tasks facing us daily?

Our Daily Challenges

Whether working alone or as part of a small team, school librarians are generalists—meaning they usually do it all. the school librarian’s job is full of variety and can be intellectually challenging and emotionally rewarding. It can also be overwhelming! Most school libraries have a very small staff. Elementary schools may have only one part-time person working in the . . .

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