Facilities Planning for School Library to Technology Centers

Facilities Planning for School Library to Technology Centers

Facilities Planning for School Library to Technology Centers

Facilities Planning for School Library to Technology Centers


Plan, design, and build the library of your dreams Use this step-by-step guide to remodel or build your new library. Includes case studies from practitioners on common facilities issues. Also includes ready-to-use sample tools and floor plans This step-by-step guide offers all the technological and practical information needed to make a functional, enduring, and accommodating library for the future. Includes checklists, forms, and timelines to guide you in your library planning journey.


If you have picked this book up it is probably because you are about to embark on some sort of facilities project or have been asked to join a planning team. Congratulations! The experience of designing a new facility can be an incredibly rewarding one! You have taken an important step by beginning to become informed about facilities design and the design process itself. The emotions that you may be experiencing probably run the gamut from I am totally in over my head! through I am not worthy of a new space! to I so do not have time for this! How will I get the rest of my job done this year!? Do not worry; in the end, you will be able to look back upon your facilities planning work with great satisfaction. What you help create will most likely stand the test of time and will still be serving students long after you retire.

This text is divided into several chapters. The first chapter speaks to putting together the planning team and ensuring you have proper stakeholder involvement from the start of the project. Chapter Two outlines the initial steps to take once the team is formed. The next chapters explain the needs assessment process for both library media centers and technology labs. Chapter Five provides sample library media center layouts. Chapter Six presents information about creating bid documents, specifications, and the timelines likely to be followed in any facilities project. Chapter Seven deals with the post planning process of actually moving into the new space.

The appendices include a number of potentially useful documents for the planning team. Sample programming documents to assist in the needs assessment process are provided along with questionnaires to use when making site visits. Criteria for bid specifications are also provided along with a sample computer bid that can be used as a template. A table of common furniture sizes and shapes is included to help with planning. The last section of the book includes a glossary, bibliography of additional resources, and an index.

Good luck in your planning efforts … . . .

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