Authentic Communication: Public Speaking for Everyone

Authentic Communication: Public Speaking for Everyone

Authentic Communication: Public Speaking for Everyone

Authentic Communication: Public Speaking for Everyone


Authentic Communication is a complete program for anyone interested in speaking effectively-in-public. It provides instruction and exercises for all aspects of public speaking. Chapters discuss: The theory of public speaking, Overcoming communication apprehension, Writing for the listening audience, Topic selection, Research, Organization, Introduction and conclusions, physical delivery, Vocal delivery, Audience analysis The Speaking experience The program includes activities for skill development, key concepts for quick review, and Speaker Spotlight interviews with professionals who engage in public speaking every day.


Public speaking is a platform for authentic communication, the combination of personal perspective, clarity of thought, and audience adaptation. Every person has something unique to contribute to the conversation of the world, their own personal perspective; public speaking empowers us to share that perspective.

But public speaking is not just casual conversation; it involves preparation and planning. This process of preparation forces us to interrogate and clarify our own thinking. Research can challenge our worldview, or strengthen it; organizing our ideas into a clear structure produces moments of insight and inspiration.

Presenting our ideas to others completes this process, and forces us to incorporate others into our own thinking. Adapting to an audience when we research, compose, and deliver our speech exposes us to new perspectives and firmly grounds our ideas in relationships with other individuals and our community.

People often conceptualize public speaking as occurring on a stage in front of two hundred people. Most of us will never deliver such a speech; public speaking shouldn’t be artificially limited to this circumstance, or any other. This book aims to break down the walls that people have placed around this activity and open it up to everyone.

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