The Works of John Dryden: Prose, 1691-1698. De Arte Graphica and Shorter Works - Vol. XX

The Works of John Dryden: Prose, 1691-1698. De Arte Graphica and Shorter Works - Vol. XX

The Works of John Dryden: Prose, 1691-1698. De Arte Graphica and Shorter Works - Vol. XX

The Works of John Dryden: Prose, 1691-1698. De Arte Graphica and Shorter Works - Vol. XX


For the first time since 1695, a complete text of De Arte Graphica as Dryden himself wrote it is available to readers. In all, Volume XX presents six pieces written during Dryden's final decade, each of them either requested by a friend or commissioned by a publisher. Two are translations, three introduce translations made by others, and the sixth introduces an original work by one of Dryden's friends.

The most recent version of De Arte Graphica, Saintsbury's late nineteenth-century reissue of Scott's edition, based the text of the translated matter on an edition that was heavily revised by someone other than Dryden. In fact, only one of the pieces offered here, the brief Character of Saint-Evremond, has appeared complete in a twentieth-century edition. The commentary in this volume supplies biographical and bibliographical contexts for these pieces and draws attention to the views on history and historians, poetry and painting, Virgil and translation, which Dryden expresses in them.

Many other volumes of prose, poetry, and plays are available in the California Edition of The Works of John Dryden.


The editors of this volume divided their labors as follows: George R. Guffey prepared the text; A. E. Wallace Maurer researched and drafted most of the commentary, which was put into final form by Alan Roper, who also collaborated with Maurer on the research for and then wrote the commentary to Dryden’s translation from Tacitus.

The editors are particularly indebted to the following: To the staffs of these libraries for their advice and assistance: the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, the ucla Research Library, the Belt Library of Vinciana at ucla, the Henry E. Huntington Library, the Newberry Library, the Bancroft Library at uc Berkeley, the British Library, the University of Michigan Rare Books Room, and the Ohio State University Library, especially the Rare Books Room for furnishing the Editor with a table and special privileges during some eight years.

To the late Professor Samuel Holt Monk for notes and suggestions used in the commentary to Dryden’s Parallel betwixt Painting and Poetry.

To Professor Clarence A. Forbes for the translation of Latin passages from Casaubon’s edition of Polybius and Pichon’s edition of Tacitus used in the commentary to the Character of Polybius.

To Professor Kim D. Gainer for assistance in the collation of editions of Dryden’s French original for De Arte Graphica.

To Professor Steven N. Zwicker for exchange of findings on a variety of topics.

To Professors Charles L. Babcock, Alan K. Brown, A. R. Braunmuller, David E. Hahm, Phillip Harth, Philip Levine, Franklin M. Ludden, Albert N. Mancini, Earl Miner, Mark P. O. Morford, Ronald C. Rosbottom, Carl C. Schlam, John M. Wallace, and Charles G. Williams for researching and answering many questions.

To the present or former graduate students of the departments of English and History at ucla : Jane a belson, Dianne Dugaw, Walter Ellis, Robert Hunt, Jill Kuhn, Ronald Lear, Janette Lewis, Kathryne Lindberg, Geraldine Moyle, and Eric

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