Temperate Forest Biomes

Temperate Forest Biomes

Temperate Forest Biomes

Temperate Forest Biomes


This volume in the Greenwood Guides to Biomes of the World series covers the vast forest that cover much of North America and similar regions. The volume covers the three major types of temperate forest biomes: boreal forests (e.g. the evergreen forests of the Pacific Northwest), Temperate Broadleaf Deciduous Forest, and Mediterranean Woodland and Scrub, examining all aspects that define these biomes:


Geographical Distribution


Challenges posed by the environment

Adaptation of the plants and animals to the environment

Conservation efforts, maps, photos, diagrams, drawings, and tables accompany the text, as do sidebars that highlight habitats, species, and ecological relationships

The volume includes a bibliography of accessible resources for further research."


As the author, an admittedly subjective reason for undertaking this particular project has been my significant personal stake in this volume. My personal and professional interests in forests date back more than 40 years. Travel through various portions of the forested areas of Europe (Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden) was undertaken not only in conjunction with vacations, but also in response to my curiosity of land usages of forests regions. When working on a dissertation on the effects of primary industries in Oregon, I investigated the vegetation associations of that state, as well as the effects that had been caused by the human use of such natural resources. These interests were continued and deepened, in conjunction with a series of summer field trips into the forest biomes described in this volume, for both pleasure as well as in preparation for subsequent university-sponsored field trips and teaching of field research methods courses. Extensive travel was undertaken in North America with university students while teaching field research methods classes. These research trips provided numerous opportunities to repeatedly visit the forest regions of the Pacific Northwest, western Canada, Alaska, northeastern Canada, the New England region, and Appalachia. Annual trips to Europe and repeated visits to the forested regions of Northern Germany (with particular interests concerning the differences in land usages of forested areas in the former East and West Germany) have been ongoing for some 30 years to date.

The biomes described in this volume are accessible for direct inspection by the reader in numerous areas of the world. Travel into and through the geographic expressions of the biomes that are described in the following chapters will provide . . .

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