Families of the Bible: A New Perspective

Families of the Bible: A New Perspective

Families of the Bible: A New Perspective

Families of the Bible: A New Perspective


Reinterpreting the Bible through Family Systems Theory, this fascinating exploration shows how the theology of creation, restoration, and salvation can be meaningfully and uniquely understood through the lens of the biblical family.

• Uses family systems theory in a way that will be accessible for the layperson, as well as scholars and clergy

• Includes genograms and other family diagrams

• Offers original interpretations of family stories throughout

• Cites specific biblical examples

• Includes an appendix demonstrating the use of Family Systems Theory as hermeneutic


The interface between psychology, religion, and spirituality has been of great interest to scholars for a century. In the last three decades, a broad popular appetite has developed for books that make practical sense out of the complicated research on these three subjects. Freud had a negative outlook on the relationship between psychology, religion, and spirituality, and he thought the interaction between them was destructive. Jung, on the other hand, was quite sure that these three aspects of the human spirit were constructively linked, and one could not be separated from the others. Anton Boisen and Seward Hiltner derived much insight from both Freud and Jung, as well as from Adler and Reik, and fashioned a useful framework for understanding the interface between psychology, religion, spirituality, and human social development. We are in their debt.

This series of General Interest Books, so wisely urged by Praeger Publishers, intends to define the terms and explore the interface of psychology, religion, and spirituality at the systemic level of daily human experience. Each volume of the series identifies, analyzes, describes, and evaluates the issues of both popular and professional interest that deal with the psychospiritual factors at play in (1) the way religion takes shape and is expressed, (2) the way spirituality functions within human persons and shapes both religious formation and religious expression, and (3) the way spirituality is shaped and expressed by religion.

The books in this series are written for the general reader, the local library, and the undergraduate university student. They are of significant interest to informed professional persons, particularly in fields somewhat . . .

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