Hope for a Heated Planet: How Americans Are Fighting Global Warming and Building a Better Future

Hope for a Heated Planet: How Americans Are Fighting Global Warming and Building a Better Future

Hope for a Heated Planet: How Americans Are Fighting Global Warming and Building a Better Future

Hope for a Heated Planet: How Americans Are Fighting Global Warming and Building a Better Future


Rejecting cries of gloom and doom, Hope for a Heated Planet shows how the fight against global warming can be won by the grassroots efforts of individuals. Robert K. Musil, who led the Nobel Peace Prize-winning organization Physicians for Social Responsibility, explains that a growing new climate movement can produce unprecedented change-in the economy, public health, and home-while saving the planet.

Musil draws on personal experience and compelling data in this practical and rigorous analysis of the causes and cures for global warming. The book presents all the players in the most pressing challenge facing society today, from the massive fossil fuel lobby to the enlightened corporations that are joining the movement to "go green." Musil thoroughly explains the tremendous potential of renewable energy sources-wind, solar, and biofuel-and the startling conclusions of experts who say society can do away entirely with fossil fuels. He tells readers about the engaged politicians, activists, religious groups, and students who are already working together against climate change.

But the future depends, Musil insists, on what changes ordinary citizens make. Through personal choices and political engagement, he shows how readers can cut carbon emissions and create green communities where they live. With practical and realistic solutions, Hope for a Heated Planet inspires readers to be accountable and enables them to usher in an age of sustainability for future generations.


This book is an act of faith. It symbolizes hope. Holding it balanced on your knee in a favorite armchair or sneaking just a few more pages in bad light as your eyelids droop before surrendering to the propped pillows beneath your head, you and I are betting that there is a future, that human civilization will continue. We believe that ideas and people matter, that, in the words of Martin Luther King Jr., “the moral arc of the universe bends long, but it bends toward justice.”

I agree with Thomas Jefferson, whose remark to John Adams, “I cannot live without books!” is stitched into a small, navy blue souvenir pillow on my mom’s couch in the home where I grew up. I believe that books can change people’s lives, as they have mine. They are, after all, one person talking quietly and intimately to another. And, of course, to thousands of others at a time, as if we were on a couch in the very same room. Radio, television, documentary films, and more modern media (iPods, Web sites, blogs, flash videos) may reach more people in attempts to touch them with words, pictures, symbols—the stuff of human culture. But only books are designed to be held close, to last, and to pull together in one place an extended, complex argument or idea. A book is to be savored, mulled over, reread, underlined, dog-eared and, ideally, to enter deeply into the heart, mind, and soul of the reader.

That is my hope for Hope for a Heated Planet. It is indeed an act of faith that you may come to share my belief, hard-earned over a lifetime, that together we can still save our planet, that we can help save our nation, our community, our families and friends from a dangerous, even deadly future. This book is after all (as you knew when you bought it) about global climate change. There are a number of very good books, articles, and films that already describe in detail how, if unchecked or unchanged, our col-

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