You Are the Brand

You Are the Brand

You Are the Brand

You Are the Brand


Steve Adubato's entire professional life has been about branding--learning it, living it, making mistakes at it, teaching it at several universities, while discovering how to find the fine line between shameless self-promotion and smart, strategic branding--first for himself, then for others, and now for readers interested in an honest analysis of the good and bad in practiced branding.

So, what's really in this book for you? Adubato profiles the brands of more than thirty people and companies and skillfully analyzes and dissects their strategies. His sage advice and on-target approach will help readers who:

Feel they have something of value to offer,Are in a market-driven or aggressive environment in which their name, reputation, and persona hold the keys to their success,Want their customers to buy products and services again and again,Feel unappreciated in their current job,Have recently lost a job or are seeking their first job out of college,Are trying to get back into the workforce after years of being "out of it."

Let's face it--it's a tough economic world today and there's cutthroat competition. Dive into Adubato's book and get ready to turn a powerful page in life.


You are the brand. Yes—you.

Sure, as a business person, you probably have a basic marketing plan that focuses on ways to reach your target audience. But what about a branding plan that focuses on you—your reputation and your unique position in a highly competitive market? You know branding is a big deal for organizations and celebrities such as BP, Coca-Cola, Nike, Starbucks, Oprah, the New York Yankees, Tiger Woods, Martha Stewart, Lebron James, and Trump. But, it’s not just Tiger who needs to work on his personal image (and I mean really work on his image). Branding is important for you, too—that is, if you want to be more successful than you are right now. You Are the Brand is your case-study guidebook to making yourself stand out and above all others in your field of business.

What’s in It for You?

Branding is important for you no matter where you are in your professional life—whether you have a job or are looking for a job, whether you are a veteran in your field or a newbie, whether you are working in a company or working on your own, whether you are already quite successful or are still hanging on to a shoestring budget. The tips, strategies, methods, and advice you are about to read are sound, proven, and effective and will help you reach your business goals.

Who says so? The thirty-eight people and companies whose stories of branding you’re about to explore in this book say so. Flip back to the table of contents, and you’ll see lots of notable names. Celebrities like Tiger Woods, Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, Bobbi Brown, and Oprah Winfrey sure know the value of branding. And you’ll see the brands everybody knows about, such as Starbucks, Coke, BlackBerry, Toyota, BP Oil, and E*TRADE. You’ll also see . . .

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