Birth Models That Work

Birth Models That Work

Birth Models That Work

Birth Models That Work


This groundbreaking book takes us around the world in search of birth models that work in order to improve the standard of care for mothers and families everywhere. The contributors describe examples of maternity services from both developing countries and wealthy industrialized societies that apply the latest scientific evidence to support and facilitate normal physiological birth; deal appropriately with complications; and generate excellent birth outcomes--including psychological satisfaction for the mother. The book concludes with a description of the ideology that underlies all these working models--known internationally as the midwifery model of care.


Robbie Davis-Floyd, Lesley Barclay, Betty-Anne Daviss, and Jan Tritten

The humanization of birth does not represent a romantic return to the past, nor a
devaluation of technology. Rather, it offers an ecological and sustainable pathway
to the future


Birth is one of the most powerful of all human experiences, yet it can also be one of the most disempowering. Around the world, there are examples of societies and systems that provide women with true choice, where their desires and wishes and the normal physiology of labor and birth are honored, respected, and trusted. In these places, interventions are applied solely in cases of real need so that their potential misuse does not cause harm. Even though these are only lighthouses in an ocean of over-medicalized care across the globe, their existence shows us that good birth models work—they can combine the best of obstetrical care with the best of contemporary scientific research, ancient wisdom, basic common sense, and compassion to create systems of knowledge, skills, and practice that truly serve mothers, babies, and families. This book is about those lighthouses and their role as beacons for those searching for philosophical and concrete ways to improve maternity care.


Characteristics of Birth Models That Don’t Work

For years birth activists have been saying it: “That doesn’t work; it just doesn’t work.” By “doesn’t work,” they mean the contemporary obstetrical treatment of birth around the world. It doesn’t work. Yes, babies get born and lives that could have been lost get saved through modern obstetrics, but the price in both money and collateral damage to the mother and baby is increasingly high. This price shouldn’t have to be paid, because it is based on misinformation and misunderstanding of the normal physiology of birth and how best to support it. It comes from a system that seeks . . .

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