Beyond the Scandals: A Guide to Healthy Sexuality for Clergy

Beyond the Scandals: A Guide to Healthy Sexuality for Clergy

Beyond the Scandals: A Guide to Healthy Sexuality for Clergy

Beyond the Scandals: A Guide to Healthy Sexuality for Clergy


Recent sexual scandals have rocked the North American religious scene and left the churches concerned about credibility and liability. What are the bounds of clergy sexuality? What constitutes misconduct, and what legal, moral, and religious norms apply? More broadly, what has gone wrong, and how can clergy understand their own sexuality and their lives of service?

Lloyd Rediger is a uniquely qualified national expert on all these questions with a strong message for clergy about their sexuality, spirituality, and behavior. In this timely volume, which incorporates material from his earlier volume Ministry and Sexuality, Rediger brings his extensive research, clinical experience, and theological insights to bear on the topic. He offers a comprehensive, authoritative account of clergy sexuality and sexual ethics with up-to-date legal information; helpful research on ethnic, gender, and denominational factors; a religious and moral framework for understanding clergy sexuality; and analysis of the sexual problems encountered by clergy.

This volume could well become the standard pro-fessional resource for clergy in a new era of increased accountability and moral reflection.


During my over twenty-five years as a pastoral counselor to clergy and their families, I have been privileged to see the major changes in spiritual leadership from inside the minds and hearts of ministers, priests, and rabbis themselves. the most traumatic of these has been the recent widespread acknowledgment of moral malfeasance of approximately one-fourth of American clergy (Fortune 1997, 14). Some are only dabbling in sexual misconduct, but far too many have allowed boundary violations to become a way of life. Through media accounts, the churchgoing public has come to recognize the significance of this dark side of organized religion. and to their credit, religious organizations and denominations have done urgent work to devise codes of conduct and ethical retraining for clergy. But in some ways, we still don’t get it; we have not fully confronted the realities, consequences, and implications of sexual abuse in church, synagogue, and temple.

The deepest roots and greatest ramifications of this crisis lie in religious life itself. For centuries, organized religion has treated human sexuality as a problem to be fixed rather than a creative . . .

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