The Etiquette Edge: The Unspoken Rules for Business Success

The Etiquette Edge: The Unspoken Rules for Business Success

The Etiquette Edge: The Unspoken Rules for Business Success

The Etiquette Edge: The Unspoken Rules for Business Success


Intelligence, ambition, and skill can take you a long way to achieving your career goals-but no matter where or with whom you work, one of the factors most essential to your success is knowing how to act and interact with your colleagues. In the modern workplace, if you lack good communications skills, social savvy, and a sense of appropriate behavior, you'll be going nowhere fast. The Etiquette Edge gives you a clear, commonsense approach to making "good behavior' a competitive advantage. Packed with quizzes, helpful checklists, and clear examples, this practical book shows you how to: • Make a great impression on bosses, and get along with "enemies' • Deliver uncomfortable-to-convey information with tact and finesse-including condolences • Turn your body language into a communication asset • Register complaintswithout sounding like a troublemaker • Skillfully schmooze your way to success... and much more Rather than dwelling on dry, nitpicky rules, The Etiquette Edge gives you the straight scoop on the most effective communication and behavior styles for negotiating the complex terrain of today's workplace-and getting ahead!" "


Today’s workplace is a more complex environment than it was just a couple of decades ago. Organizations have benefited from the richness of diversity and reduced hierarchy, but the resulting cultural complexity and diminished structure have created considerable confusion about accepted conventions of conduct and interpersonal relationships.

Customs vary, and language and social differences can make effective interaction in the workplace, as challenging as it already is, even more daunting. The old rules don’t seem to work anymore; we need new practical guidelines to avoid confusion, or even chaotic behavior.

Unfortunately, since the late sixties and early seventies, many people have considered courtesy old fashioned and good manners elitist. At the same time, many of us are increasingly frustrated with rudeness or social ineptness among employees, customers, coworkers, and strangers. Yet most of us will readily admit that our parents’ concepts of good manners don’t always work in the twenty-first century.

The Value of Courtesy to Your Career

Many factors contribute to a person’s professional success. Knowledge, skill, work ethic, integrity, ambition—all of these factors are essential to achieving our goals. However, we make a serious mistake if we ignore the importance of effective communication and appropriate behavior, social savvy and commonsense etiquette. Failing to recognize how one can seize a competitive advantage by leveraging good manners and courtesy in the workplace can undermine our good efforts on the job.

When asked the secret of his success, the vice president of a major technology company once answered, “It’s quite simple, really. I learned to anticipate all the possibilities so that I could take action instead of . . .

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