Behind Every Choice Is a Story

Behind Every Choice Is a Story

Behind Every Choice Is a Story

Behind Every Choice Is a Story


Behind Every Choice Is a Story is a poignant blend of personal stories, commentary, and memoir that chronicles the life-changing reproductive choices that women, men, and teens make every day. The book also traces Gloria Feldt's personal journey from the dusty oil fields of West Texas to becoming a Head Start teacher and activist in the civil rights and women's movement, culminating in her current standing as one of the most influential voices in the reproductive freedom movement.

The book was inspired by the 1928 Motherhood in Bondage, a collection of letters written by women to Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. Publishing these letters from women in desperate circumstances helped to equate the concept of birth control with higher values of wanted children, healthy mothers, loving couples, self realization, and female emancipation. Behind Every Choice Is a Story addresses many of those same issues and values and advances a new agenda for the twenty-first century. It sounds a clarion call by highlighting the importance of storytelling as a cultural force in encouraging change.

Feldt recognizes and values women's stories for their personal, social, and political importance. The book uniquely positions current issues of reproductive freedom in the context of everyday experiences and provides a refreshing new framework to understand the current political and social landscape. Although the primary audience for this book is women who support reproductive freedom, a wide audience including men and teens will find their experiences among the compelling stories. It will also appeal to those who are intrigued by the unique perspective the book gives to the real-life impact of reproductive choices.


Judging from the brouhaha occasioned by my twenty seconds of nudity on the Broadway stage in The Graduate, this country has an anguished relationship with its sexuality. It’s fine to sell cars with sex, but to talk honestly about it, well … as Gloria Feldt notes in this moving and momentous book, “What are we teaching our children? That sex is dirty and awful and ugly, so save it for someone you love?”

Behind Every Choice Is a Story makes it clear that the movement for reproductive freedom holds the moral high ground despite the din of our detractors, bawling from their “bully pulpits” that teens must learn only abstinence, that contraceptives should be a controlled substance, that family planning is classified information, and that choosing abortion is wrong no matter what the circumstance.

To me, the right to make our own reproductive choices is as fundamental as the right to raise our voices in the public square. We actors are often asked to lend our familiar and forceful voices to promote causes. But I don’t consider reproductive rights a “cause”—it’s a calling. I am raising my voice in support of those who have dedicated their lives to that calling, so that my daughter will have the most basic free-

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