Underground Dance Masters: Final History of a Forgotten Era

Underground Dance Masters: Final History of a Forgotten Era

Underground Dance Masters: Final History of a Forgotten Era

Underground Dance Masters: Final History of a Forgotten Era


This book is a comprehensive, historical bible on the subject of urban street dance and its influence on modern dance, hip hop, and pop culture.

• Includes coverage of all of the major players in urban dance

• Places current dance phenomena- from the moves of Usher to the choreography of High School Musical - in a historical context that stretches half a century

• Includes interviews and photos to further bring the rich history of urban dance to life


Being fortunate to have been born at a certain place and time has allowed me the privilege of both witnessing and participating in the birth and growth of urban street dance. It’s not like I planned this, I was just fortunate. Now, growing up through this experience, I recall those who inspired me and those who I inspired. I witnessed some amazing moments and lived through some great creation. But being an inquisitive person I would always question things, like why something that I was doing was called by a particular name. Even though I would use the term I would still ask myself why. Since this is a spoken history or a verbal history there have never been books to refer to. Even now there are no books that are reliable due to personal agendas and what I call web mythology. By web mythology I mean those opinions and nonvalidated data found on the Internet and presented as fact.

This misinformation is compounded by academics who give legitimacy to propaganda. I have encountered many academics who have been spoonfed misinformation by egotistical dance artists with a clear agenda and a need for notoriety. They accept all information and consider it valid based on the legend or notoriety of the individual source. They just don’t do the real work of investigation to validate things independently. When these well-credentialed academics get published and the unsubstantiated information gets validated, others cite the publication and the cycle of errors continues. Anyone who begins the research that I’ve done will discover many apparently authoritative publications with contradictory facts.

The web has also given access to a great number of urban street dance enthusiasts who then propagandize a self-serving history. I find it disappointing and challenging that these self-proclaimed Hip-hop historians or date throwers tell lies and fabricate facts. Some actually pride themselves on taking recollections of event dates from old street dancer’s and automatically move the date back two years, then present it as fact. Their reasoning behind this ridiculous process is that they feel these old . . .

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