Ghosts of the Carolinas

Ghosts of the Carolinas

Ghosts of the Carolinas

Ghosts of the Carolinas


More spooky tales and folklore from a master storyteller.

This collection of supernatural tales includes "The Talking Corpse"; "The Hound of Goshen"; "The Ring"; "The Phantom Rider of Bush River"; "The Witch Cat"; "The Gray Man"; "Tsali, the Cherokee Brave"; "The Ghost of Litchfield"; "City of Death"; "Treasure Hunt"; "House of the Opening Door"; "The Ghosts of Hagley"; "Return from the Dead"; "Whistle While You Haunt"; "The Brown Mountain Lights"; "Alice of the Hermitage"; "The Night the Spirits Called"; and "Swamp Girl".

Nancy Roberts is a popular Southern writer who frequently lectures on folklore and creative writing. She received a degree in Comparative Literature from the University of North Carolina. Author of more than twenty books, Roberts blends suspense, mystery, and history with a talent for finding and chronicling stories of the supernatural. Her work has earned her the title of "custodian of the twilight zone" from Southern Living magazine


Millions of words have been spoken and written—and effectively—in heralding the attractions and advantages of the Carolinas.

Most of this material has emphasized the physical assets of the region. Some of it has even listed the high spirits of Carolinians as important intangibles in the enumeration of assets.

These promoters of the Carolinas have given little appreciation, as far as I have observed, however, to the virtues of the most intangible of these intangibles, the spirits themselves.

Yet surely no section of the nation can rightfully claim more mystifying, more intriguing, more sadly accusing, more altruistic, or more enduring ghosts. of a certainty we have our share of the finest shades in all America. and they have gone too long uncatalogued and unappreciated.

But this failure of our generally alert and enterprising public relations folk to exploit adequately the Carolinas’ apparitions has been remedied in part at least by Nancy Roberts and her photographer husband Bruce. With the publication a few years ago of An Illustrated Guide to Ghosts and Mysterious Occurrences in the Old North State and now this volume on other ghosts of both Carolinas, Nancy and Bruce Roberts promulgate our claim to possession of some of the most frightening and charming and authenticated ghosts that have ever walked—or drifted or . . .

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