Improving Employee Performance through Appraisal and Coaching

Improving Employee Performance through Appraisal and Coaching

Improving Employee Performance through Appraisal and Coaching

Improving Employee Performance through Appraisal and Coaching


"When Dick Grote, in the Foreword to this book, writes that "nothing's changed," he is not speaking to the state of the human resources field or the art of performance management, both of which have evolved continuously, profoundly, and for the better.

Nor is he describing the content of the new second edition, which, in fact, contains comprehensive material on a whole new generation of jobs in technology, customer service, and other rapidly changing fields, plus brand new examples and two full case studies.

What's not changed is the fact that author Donald Kirkpatrick is one of the leading voices on human resources and training and development. For more than forty years, Kirkpatrick's four-level performance evaluation model has been the standard throughout the world, and has revolutionized the way enterprises manage, monitor, and optimize employee performance.

The new edition of Improving Performance Through Appraisal and Coaching contains all the wisdom and step-by-step processes of the original, with all the guidance and tools you'll need to implement a program that gets maximum results.

The book starts with a 40-question test about your organization and its processes and attitudes regarding performance appraisal and coaching. Taking the test both before and after reading the first section of the book will highlight exactly where your existing initiatives can be improved and new ones put in place. Kirkpatrick then goes on to describe in detail how a culture of coaching builds and enhances performance, and how to build this culture across the entire organization.

Examples and eye-opening Notes from the Field both reinforce and complement the author's sage recommendations, illustrating how his approaches can be adopted in their entirety or deployed piecemeal, depending on your organization's specific needs. The case studies, both from major employers, prove the overarching value of a proactive performance appraisal program and vibrant coaching environment.

The book is packed with ready-to-use forms and, more important, instructions and observations on their effective use. Plus, every chapter is designed for practical application, featuring accessible charts and figures, lists of key points, specific suggestions, cause-and-effect relationships, and much more.

While workplaces and jobs have changed dramatically, some truths seem everlasting. One is that in order to obtain exceptional employee performance, you need to build a thorough and consistent appraisal mechanism and coaching program. The other is that there is no one more knowledgeable about how to do it than Donald Kirkpatrick."


If you are a manager who conducts performance appraisals with employees, you may find this book somewhat frustrating because you are probably locked into a program with forms and procedures. However, regardless of the forms and approaches you are required to use, you will find some practical help in such areas as clarifying what’s expected, appraising performance, self-appraisal, conducting the appraisal interview, developing a performance improvement plan, and on-the-job coaching. You’ll be particularly interested in the comments from some nationally known athletic coaches, and you’ll be amazed by how much of their advice will apply directly to you on your job.

This book includes two case studies; philosophy, principles, and approaches from various organizations; and sample forms. This material will be of practical use as you evaluate your own philosophy, forms, and procedures.

Also, this book may help you discover why your program isn’t working as well as you’d like it to. If you have any suggestions that you think will help improve your performance review program, pass them along to those in your organization who are responsible for the program’s administration.

If you have an overall responsibility for an effective performance appraisal and review program in your organization, this book will have . . .

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