On Cloud Nine: Weathering the Challenge of Many Generations in the Workplace

On Cloud Nine: Weathering the Challenge of Many Generations in the Workplace

On Cloud Nine: Weathering the Challenge of Many Generations in the Workplace

On Cloud Nine: Weathering the Challenge of Many Generations in the Workplace


A recent survey reveals that customer satisfaction with the weather is at an all-time low. It's up to Wally, director of the Weather Consumer Satisfaction Bureau, to sort things out. In this witty fable, the root of the problem is a disagreement between old and new clouds. The upstarts think technology is the answer, while the old guard says there's no substitute for the tried and true. The resulting storms are having a direct effect on customers, who wonder if they will ever see sunny skies again. Can Wally reconcile these seemingly conflicting views and leverage the unique strengths of all the clouds into a successful, customer-friendly plan?

On Cloud Nine presents real lessons about what is valuable in the workplace: balancing the past and the future, encouraging diversity of ideas, and more. The story is followed by simple yet powerful tools that will help readers apply these lessons to their own work and organizations.

Illustrations by Eldon Dedini


Wally pinned on his shiny new name badge and smiled at himself in the mirror. He looked good, no doubt about it. Who would have ever dreamed that he would be appointed as the new Director of the Weather Customer Satisfaction Bureau (WCSB)? Barely two years out of meteorology school, he had landed one of the most prestigious and highly sought-after jobs in the weather industry. Wally was walking on Cloud Nine, and nothing was going to get in his way.

So what if all of his predecessors had failed? Besides they were “old school” directors. What did they know about today’s hip customers? Old ways and old thinking were not part of his grand plan. Wally glanced at his watch. He had better hurry. He didn’t want to be late for his meeting with Jerome Numberman.

Wally galloped into Jerome Numberman’s office. Jerome had been working as a statistician for the Weather Customer Satisfaction Bureau for more than thirty years. He had seen a little bit of everything. However, the young, plump, rotund face of Wally with its sparkling white teeth and beaming smile was unlike any other he had ever encountered. Wally had a zest for life rarely seen in the meteorology business. Jerome felt tired just looking at him.

Wally’s eyes widened as he scanned the posh interior of Jerome’s office. The walls were decorated with colorful maps of exotic places around the world, and the extensive collection of degrees and certifications was housed in sterling silver frames. Jerome’s mahogany desk was piled a mile high with reports. A typewriter sat prominently in the middle. “That’s strange,” thought Wally, “I wonder where Jerome keeps his computer?”

With one more scan of the room, Wally answered his own question. Tucked away in the back-most corner of . . .

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