Rumors, Lies, and Whispers: Classroom "Crush" or Career Catastrophe?

Rumors, Lies, and Whispers: Classroom "Crush" or Career Catastrophe?

Rumors, Lies, and Whispers: Classroom "Crush" or Career Catastrophe?

Rumors, Lies, and Whispers: Classroom "Crush" or Career Catastrophe?


Teachers and others caught in false allegation misconduct are facing the decimation of their careers. This book is a survival plan for teachers, school administrators, and others working with young people. It details both proactive and reactive measures that the accused should know in the event of an allegation. This book will help them to know and to protect their rights.

No one knows how many careers have been ended by students who intend retribution for reasons as varied as extortion, revenge, misplaced affection, or sheer malice. No data or studies have documented the extent of the problem. A few experts say false allegations never happen; others say it rarely happens. Yet false allegations are all too common. Educators and other professionals who work with young people know that such allegations can be career killers, yet their ruined lives often become silent statistics due to the stigma of shame surrounding the charges. This book looks at relevant law, policies, criminal investigation procedures, and problem behavior, offering an informative and easy-to-use guide that will assist practitioners, administrators, and anyone beginning a career with children and youth.


A confiscated candy bar began the research for this book.

One day during second period, an eighth-grade girl argued with her social studies teacher about a candy bar she had been directed to put in her book bag. The minor confrontation ended with the candy bar resting in the teacher’s desk. The next day, the girl and her mother appeared in the principal’s office-not to regain the candy bar, but to accuse the teacher of inappropriate behavior. They alleged the male teacher had touched the girl in a sexual manner. That report began the rush to judgment that resulted in the young professional’s resignation.

Although an allegation of sexual misconduct is a terrible situation for any teacher, those who are proactive and know their legal rights are better prepared to hold onto their jobs and reputations. Teachers are the focus of this text. The information I include is presented for their welfare. Thirty years of working in schools and learning about classrooms and teachers did not prepare me for the knowledge I would gain about teacher sexual misconduct. The swift rush to judgment shocked even a classroom veteran like me.

Americans are painfully aware of the headlines that sensationalize teacher-student sexual trysts. Certainly, I found such cases in newspaper accounts across the county. On the other hand, I know that many teachers fail to realize the importance of such an allegation to . . .

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