Generating Buy-in: Mastering the Language of Leadership

Generating Buy-in: Mastering the Language of Leadership

Generating Buy-in: Mastering the Language of Leadership

Generating Buy-in: Mastering the Language of Leadership


"The power not just to persuade, but to inspire.

""Anyone interested in influencing fellow human beings can benefit from this book's wise and practical advice. It's a keeper!""

--William Ury, Harvard Law School, Coauthor of the best-selling Getting to Yes

The ability to influence people's thoughts and feelings, to generate their buy-in, has emerged as the paramount leadership skill. The strongest leaders are those who create a positive vision of the future, paint a ""big picture"" that generates action by tapping into people's emotions, ask for a commitment, and inspire their listeners to take steps toward the goal. Generating Buy-In: Mastering the Language of Leadership will help you master the powerful language that breeds such a commitment.

Through real-world case studies and exclusive interviews, Generating Buy-In imparts a revolutionary yet practical approach to:

• Crafting a strategic story that projects a positive future to your audience

• Speaking the language of buy-in with images that mold powerful thoughts and emotions in your listeners

• Putting the language to work in service of your goal -- whether the goal is to raise sales, inspire a work force, or win a Presidential election.

""This book unlocks secrets top leaders have applied through the ages. Instinctively you know that Mark Walton has hit the bulls-eye, because it feels right in your heart and your gut. Wonderfully simple and effective!"" -- Ron Kirkpatrick, National Manager, Toyota Motor Sales, USA

Complete with examples, practical exercises, sample business scenarios, and a foreword by William Ury, coauthor of the best-selling Getting to Yes, Generating Buy-In is an indispensable resource for leading and succeeding in today's fiercely competitive world!"


I first met Mark Walton in 1990 when he was a senior correspondent and anchorman at CNN. With war games filling the airwaves in the wake of Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait, Mark and I collaborated on a primetime television peace game, a simulation of a negotiation designed to resolve the crisis diplomatically. I found myself impressed by Mark’s communication savvy, his creativity, and his willingness to take risks and try new approaches. His years of experience as a network journalist, covering the White House, politics, and business, were clearly evident.

When Mark left CNN several years later, I was one of those who encouraged him strongly to draw on his rich background to help others learn how to communicate more effectively. He took up the challenge and this book is one of the exceptional results.

Generating Buy-In could not address a more important competence for executives, indeed for anyone who hopes to lead, influence, and persuade others. We are living in an era that might be called the Negotiation Revolution. Traditionally, decisions were made by the boss at the top of a vertical pyramid. Nowadays, in order to get their jobs done, people depend on dozens of individuals and organizations over whom they exercise no direct . . .

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