Training Tough Topics

Training Tough Topics

Training Tough Topics

Training Tough Topics


"Diversity training has been attempting to go ""beyond race and gender"" for years--but a paralyzing fear of tougher issues and a lack of adequate training materials continue to bring the effort to a grinding halt.

Finally, there's a resource to help overcome the fear, ease the discomfort, and fill a significant void in training literature. Training Tough Topics is the first book to tackle tough-to-teach, potentially divisive issues, including sexual harassment, transgenderism, the role of spirituality and religion in the workplace, sexual orientation, HIV/AIDS, disabilities, workplace violence, and multiculturalism.

Thorough in coverage and written in an easily accessible style, this valuable guide gives trainers a positive, constructive approach to dealing with topics previously thought too tough to talk about.

Filled with complete programs on each topic that include specific techniques, overhead masters, scripts, and exercises, Training Tough Topics contains everything needed to build all-inclusive diversity education programs--and create a more honest, open, and productive work environment."


The word “education” is derived from the Latin word “educare.” It means to draw out, or to call forth what is already present as a possibility. The phrase “what is already present as a possibility” may be the essence of all that is really meant by “human resources” in the realm of the modern workplace.

Human resources (HR) disciplines—and in particular, diversity awareness and education—are ultimately concerned with creating an environment that will allow all who work in an organization to achieve their greatest potential. If a workplace does not foster human potential above everything, if every aspect of the work environment is not designed to allow people to be the best they can be and to do the best they can do, then that workplace—regardless of how far its bottom-line numbers are in the black or out of the red—is not working to its full potential.

This book is designed to help enable all the members of an organization to do just that: operate to their full potential. Its method is to empower the human resources, diversity, organizational development, and training staffs to face any challenge in human resources and/or diversity management successfully by providing not simply the current trendy theories of how or why “X” can be done, but by actually providing the curriculum(s), and the exact method(s) as to how “X” can be done.

“X” in the case of this book equals measuring the accounting for the effectiveness of diversity programs in the workplace, and also equals education programs in the following areas of diversity and human resources management: sexual harassment, spirituality, HIV/AIDS, workplace violence, transgender workers, people with disabilities, sexual orientation and multiculturalism at work.

The book is also about not turning one’s back on a particular topic or an area of human resources because that area is perceived as too difficult. It is true that some areas of human resources/diversity are more difficult to grasp, to discuss, to incorporate, to study, and to teach than are others, but none of them are impossible. If an HR, diversity, education, or organization development professional is given tools to learn how to handle these topics . . .

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