Shaping the Future: Advancing the Understanding of Leadership

Shaping the Future: Advancing the Understanding of Leadership

Shaping the Future: Advancing the Understanding of Leadership

Shaping the Future: Advancing the Understanding of Leadership


This book provides an overview of leadership in library and information science (LIS), examines the findings of doctoral students in the Simmons program in Managerial Leadership in the Information Professions, and advocates research in LIS.

• Detailed discussions of scenario planning, case studies, and research agendas

• Contains contributions from three leading authorities on scenario planning and case studies as well as an important book foreword by Camila Alire

• Includes the A.J. Anderson Problem-Solving Model, a framework for writing case studies

• Bibliography contains over 25 selections of additional readings on leadership


Its time has come—the program and this book. When the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GLIS), Simmons College, announced its intention to create a PhD program in managerial leadership (MLIP) designed for library and information practitioners, my first thought was, “It’s about time!” Not only is the program in its fifth year at the time of publication of this book, but it is also successfully meeting its goals, namely being a doctoral program in managerial leadership that involves students in learning—through coursework, research, and interaction with many leaders in the profession—about leadership and in contributing to the body of research and scholarship on managerial leadership. The students become better prepared to lead their libraries in meeting their organization’s and institution’s mission and vision and to face the leadership challenges that lie ahead.

I have had the opportunity and pleasure of serving as a Simmons College Professor of Practice for this PhD program and have been a strong proponent of a doctoral program in leadership for library and information science practitioners. The program provides a venue for bright managerial leaders not only to enhance their leadership skills through the rigors of research and other scholarly activities but also to apply what they have learned to their home institutions.

Shaping the Future is unique in that it combines the philosophical, scholarly, and research aspects of managerial leadership with the Simmons MLIP program itself. It shows examples of the scholarly work of the doctoral students in the program. Some of the student research papers have been published in well-known, peer-reviewed journals in the profession, and soon a number of the dissertations will be finalized and the students will have graduated.

Camila A. Alire, EdD President, American Library Association Professor of Practice, MLIP, Simmons College Dean Emeritus, University Libraries, the University of New Mexico and Colorado State University . . .

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