Child and Adolescent Mental Health: Theory and Practice

Child and Adolescent Mental Health: Theory and Practice

Child and Adolescent Mental Health: Theory and Practice

Child and Adolescent Mental Health: Theory and Practice


The book covers all the core aspects of child and adolescent mental health, starting with the background to emotional and behavioural problems and looking at models and tools for assessment and treatment before examining specific problems encountered in children, young people, and their families from different cultural backgrounds.

Key features

  • clear theoretical framework for each topic
  • integrated disciplinary approach
  • case studies
  • information about other resources available to professionals and families, including new government initiatives

New for the second edition

  • updated and revised with the latest references and theories
  • sections on the influence of genetics on behaviour, working with children with learning difficulties, evidence-based paediatric and psychological developments
  • multiple choice questions for revision and testing
  • new quick-reference format

This is an essential text for all professionals working with children, young people, and their families, including student and practitioner psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, mental health nurses, and social care specialists.


The need for a second edition of any work is usually a reflection of the success and usefulness of the first. This certainly is the case here, the first edition fulfilling its role in providing information and guidance for professionals in the child and adolescent health services as well as medical and nursing students and junior doctors and managers.

Advances in research and clinical practice call for regular updating. Our knowledge base is changing. The worlds of childhood and adolescence are on the move – consider such issues as obesity, school pressures, media influences, the impact of electronic devices and career uncertainties. So the scene calls for a fresh appraisal.

This is available to us in the new edition. Consideration is given to the place of genetics in clinical practice. Attention is drawn to the effects of early institutionalization on brain development. We are shown how CAMHS stands in relation to current government policy. Early intervention services are described. The role of schooling and related psychological services is, rightly, described in greater depth. The problems and needs of children with learning difficulties come into sharper focus – a pleasing development as, surprisingly, input in this field is often very effective and much appreciated by parents.

Recently, in the course of turning out some fifty year old paediatric and child health textbooks, I became aware how little attention was formerly given to mental health issues. Everyone in child health needs to know more about this. Once again, Margaret Thompson and her team have come to the rescue

Leslie Bartlet Consultant Emeritus/Honorary Research Fellow Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Hampshire, UK


To all the families and colleagues who have furthered our knowledge and understanding of child and adolescent mental health, to our contributors for their expertise and the time they have given to this project and to our own families for their patience.

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