Stress and Emotion: Anxiety, Anger, and Curiosity

Stress and Emotion: Anxiety, Anger, and Curiosity

Stress and Emotion: Anxiety, Anger, and Curiosity

Stress and Emotion: Anxiety, Anger, and Curiosity


The 17th volume of this prestigious and long-standing Series on Stress and Emotion focuses on recent advances in research by internationally renowned contributors from over a dozen countries. Individual chapters explore the impact of anxiety and stress on emotions in the workplace, school settings, and interpersonal relationships. The original research and practical implications presented in this volume are of interest to all social, behavioral, and medical scientists concerned with stress and anxiety-related issues. The chapters in Part One of this volume examine efforts to assess and manage the effects of stress and anxiety in one's personal life, that result from medical illness, morality issues and athletic competition, along with coping mechanisms across culture and gender. Part Two considers the experience, expression, and control of anger in a variety of cultural, educational and family contexts. The chapters in the final section explore cross-cultural effects of occupational stress and its impact on particular jobs. The contributions to this volume further our understanding of how stress factors, anxious feelings, and emotional responses to both can impact and influence our lives.


The publication of Volume 17 of Stress and Emotion: Anxiety, Anger and Curiosity, marks the 30th anniversary of this series. When the series began in 1975, the title was Stress and Anxiety. In keeping with a broader interest in the effects of stress on other emotions, the current title was introduced in 1991, along with the publication of Volume 14.

The initiation of this series was stimulated by a grant received by the editors in 1972 from the Scientific Affairs Division of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to organize an Advanced Study Institute on Stress and Emotion in Modern Life. This Institute was convened in Murnau-am-Staffelsee, West Germany in June 1973, with the goal of facilitating an exchange of information and stimulation of collaborative research efforts among behavioral and medical scientists who were involved in research on stress and anxiety. The first volume in this series was based entirely on the contributions of the invited participants at the Murnau Conference.

Volumes 2 through 7 of the series were also based primarily on the contributions of participants in NATO-sponsored Advanced Study Institutes organized by the editors that were held in Norway, Italy, and at Cambridge University in the UK. The contents of Volumes 8 through 13 were based primarily on presentations at international conferences, which were held in Israel, The Netherlands, Poland, and Australia, supported by universities and the governments of these countries.

The name of the series was changed with the publication of Volume 14, which was based on presentations at our first conference on Stress and Emotion, held in Visegrad, Hungary and sponsored by the Hungarian Psychological Association and the Eotvos Lorand University of Budapest. Volumes 15 and 16 were based primarily on papers presented at the 1994 International Congress of Applied Psychology in Madrid.

Volume 17 differs from the preceding volumes in this series in that it is not based on papers presented at special conferences or professional meetings. Individual authors from a number of different countries who were engaged in research on stress and emotion were invited to contribute chapters based on their current work. Special attention was also given to inviting authors whose research was related to occupational stress, and the experience, expression and control of anger. The contributors to Volume 17 were from 12 different countries located on five continents.

The six chapters included in Part I examine the effects of different sources of stress on anxiety and anger. Two of these chapters focus specifically on . . .

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