Essentials of International Marketing

Essentials of International Marketing

Essentials of International Marketing

Essentials of International Marketing


Unlike other International Marketing texts, Essentials of International Marketing includes only the most important information that can be easily covered in one semester. The book covers all the key topics for an International Marketing course, but in a concise, no-nonsense manner that meets the needs of undergraduates..In addition to including all the basic topics, this affordable text also offers two unique chapters on the metric system and on countertrade that provide essential information for successful international marketers. Essentials of International Marketing has been extensively class-tested and is well crafted to serve as a learning tool and a ready reference for students. Each chapter includes an opening case vignette, learning objectives, plentiful exhibits and tables, a summary, key terms, and discussion questions.


Numerous factors make this book unique. Perhaps the most significant is that the content is presented in a brief manner. Only the most important information is included and then in a straightforward manner. Discussions omit content that is unessential to the concept and simply fills up space. Information that tends to change rapidly and become dated quickly is kept to a minimum. Up-to-date information can easily be obtained from the Internet, when needed, by interested students.

Chapter objectives are presented at the beginning of each chapter. The chapter objectives allow the reader to know what information should be derived from the chapter so that reading can be better focused on the important concepts the student should understand.

Each chapter starts with a dedicated vignette. It describes a company situation intended to introduce the chapter content and stimulate the reader’s interest. The vignette provides an interesting illustration of how the chapter topic relates to the business world. Most of the vignettes are based on factual information about specific companies. Liberties were taken in some instances to create situations that did not occur in the companies so that the content of the chapter could be better illustrated. The basic facts about the companies presented in the vignettes are otherwise accurate.

Key words are listed at the end of each chapter. The definition of each word can be found where the word is printed in bold in the chapter and in the glossary at the back of the book. Every discipline involves vocabulary that the reader should know to be conversant in that field of study. Emphasizing key words will help the student make these terms a part of everyday terminology.

A chapter on the metric system is included (chapter 2). Since most of the world uses the metric system, international marketers will encounter metric measures in normal business activities. Simply knowing what a kilometer and gram are is inadequate. International marketers need to appreciate the relationship of metric units to one another. Understanding how to work with the metric system is an important first step in learning about other cultures and showing an interest in understanding foreign business associates. Instructors may skip this chapter without affecting the basic content or structure of their course. However, the mathematical technique presented in this chapter for making conversions among metric and American units of measure is the same technique used to make currency conversions in the financial chapter.

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