Advertising Management

Advertising Management

Advertising Management

Advertising Management


This comprehensive book is designed to serve as a primary text for the Advertising Management course that follows the more general Principles of Advertising course. It can stand alone, or, for instructors who prefer a case-based approach, it can be adopted together with "Cases in Advertising Management" (978-0-7656-2261-7) by the same authors. "Advertising Management" covers a full range of topics for a semester-long course, including financial management, business planning, strategic planning, budgeting, human resource management, ethics, and managing change. There is even a unique section on 'managing yourself' and your own career in advertising. The text includes plentiful figures, tables, and sidebars, and each chapter concludes with useful learning objectives, summaries, discussion questions, and additional resources.


Although this section consists of only a single chapter, it is an essential chapter. Budgeting is at the heart of advertising management.

Budgeting is also often a problem for advertising managers. If you have not done it before, budgeting can be complex and puzzling. Yet as with so many skills, after you do it a few times, budgeting gets easier and, at the same time, more accurate.

This section provides a number of budgeting approaches, along with the economic and budgetary underpinnings of budgeting.

In Part V of the accompanying Cases in Advertising Management, there are three budgeting cases that will let you practice with what you have learned and hone your budgeting skills.

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