Sexual Predators Amongst Us

Sexual Predators Amongst Us

Sexual Predators Amongst Us

Sexual Predators Amongst Us


This comprehensive textbook explores sexual predators and the use of the internet to exploit children. It explains the motivation that drives sexual offenders into this secret life and describes the victim selection process. Each chapter includes key terms, a glossary, learning objectives, action boxes with excerpts from cases, short case studies, and an interactive summary and review section. Providing a thorough overview, the book includes chapters on characteristics and patterns, theories of sexual offenses, recidivism and rehabilitation, laws and policy, and law enforcement and community involvement. Test bank/answers, and PowerPoint(R) presentations are available with qualifying course adoption.


Sexual Predators Amongst Us provides the reader with a complete background on the use of the Internet by sexual predators. Sexual predators have existed in society probably since the beginning of time, but never before have they had such a useful and powerful weapon as the Internet. As one will note after reading Dr. Rufo’s book, it is almost as if the Internet had been designed especially for them. Sexual Predators Amongst Us is not a book written by an academic person trying to gain tenure, but rather a book developed by a police officer who is actively involved in preventing the sexual exploitation of children.

It is clear when one meets Dr. Rufo that he is first and foremost a dedicated police officer who is highly motivated in his crime prevention activities. Prior to meeting him several years ago, he and I had corresponded by e-mail and telephone. In each of the contacts, I was impressed by his dedication to crime prevention. When Dr. Rufo asked me to read his manuscript and write a foreword, I eagerly accepted because he is an interesting person to talk to and has provided me valuable insight into crime prevention activities. I discovered that his manuscript was not only interesting, but also a valuable resource for anyone interested in preventing sexual exploitation of children. His writing is clear and easy to understand. The book is not an academic discourse of sexual exploitation, but rather a guidebook to be used by individuals interested in preventing the exploitation.

The book starts with the characteristics of sexual predators. The second chapter provides an explanation of how the predator “grooms” his victims by gaining the victim’s trust and then exploiting the victim. Dr. Rufo also explains why victims who are children accept the predators and therefore become their prey. There is a shift in the book in Chapter 3, which discusses child sexual abuse. This is a necessary chapter for those readers who are not knowledgeable about child sexual abuse issues and concepts. Chapters, 4, 5, and 6 discuss pedophilia, female sex predators, and child pornography; they provide background and information regarding these subjects. These chapters provide the reader with a basic knowledge of the issues and how certain activities are related to sexual exploitation of children.

The first five chapters provide readers with an understanding of the issues and problems involved in the sexual exploitation of children. The final seven chapters deal with how the Internet has contributed to sexual predation, law . . .

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