Elder Abuse and Mistreatment: Policy, Practice, and Research

Elder Abuse and Mistreatment: Policy, Practice, and Research

Elder Abuse and Mistreatment: Policy, Practice, and Research

Elder Abuse and Mistreatment: Policy, Practice, and Research


Provide the most effective service possible to help victims of this growing social problem

Elder Abuse and Mistreatment is a comprehensive overview of current policy issues, new practice models, and up-to-date research on elder abuse and neglect. Experts in the field provide insight into elder abuse with newly examined populations to create an understanding of how to design service plans for victims of abuse and family mistreatment. The book addresses all forms of abuse and neglect, examining the value issues and ethical dilemmas that social workers face in providing service to elderly abuse victims and their families.

Elder abuse and neglect is a social problem of increasing concern to policymakers, practitioners, and researchers in the United States and around the world. Elder Abuse and Mistreatment incorporates health, mental health, and social service perspectives that assist social work and health care professionals with interdisciplinary teamwork. The book examines the Elder Justice Act, the Madrid 2002 International Plan of Action on Ageing, new and emerging practice modalities and international models such as shelter programs and support groups, and the latest research on practice methods, elder abuse with special populations, and interventions with victim-abuse dyads.

Topics examined in Elder Abuse and Mistreatment include:
  • abuse reporting statutes
  • the roles of agencies involved in abuse investigations
  • service commonly needed by victims
  • funding sources
  • common impediments to service delivery
  • adult protective services (APS)
  • local, state, and federal policies
  • social and economic inclusion
  • self-determination
  • long-term care and nursing homes
  • consumer fraud and financial abuse
  • dependency and compliance
  • and much more
Elder Abuse and Mistreatment: Policy, Practice, and Research is an essential resource for educators and students of social work, nursing, and public health, and for social work practitioners.


Dr. Dobroí and I are pleased to present this special volume on elder abuse. Elder abuse, in all its manifestations, is not a new phenomenon. Considerable interest in it and concern for the victims of abuse existed in the U.S. prior to the passage of the Older Americans Act and the development of a network, of publicly funded services for older persons. Today, there is a renewed interest in abuse of older persons, as an increasing number of health care and social service providers witness abuse among their patients and clients and join together to understand and respond.

Adults of any age, old or young, are victims of domestic violence but old age, itself, may bring a vulnerability, which exposes the older individual to risk of abuse. This is particularly true in areas of neglect, whether by others or self, and financial abuse. It is not uncommon for older persons to be pressured into handing over income to a younger relative, while a modus operandus for scam artists is, today, the targeting of older persons living alone who are viewed as easy ‘hits.’

Elder abuse tends to cut across agency boundaries and frequently demands the involvement of different systems and professionals–lawyers, physicians, nurses, the courts, banks, and, of course, social workers. Haworth’s published Journals include one devoted to elder abuse. It is read by those in all disciplines who are engaged on behalf of older abused persons. It is less likely to inform the social worker whose field of interest lies elsewhere and, yet, these social workers may be the first ones to come into contact with individual cases of elder abuse. It is for this reason that we have chosen to develop this special volume. It is intended to ‘fill the gap’ and to provide knowledge and skills to

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Elder Abuse and Mistreatment: Policy, Practice, and Research (ed: M. Joanna Mellor, and Patricia Brownell)
The Haworth Press, Inc., 2006, pp. xix–xx. Single or multiple copies of this article are available for a fee from
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