The British Women's Suffrage Campaign, 1866-1928

The British Women's Suffrage Campaign, 1866-1928

The British Women's Suffrage Campaign, 1866-1928

The British Women's Suffrage Campaign, 1866-1928


This Seminar Study was the first book to trace the British women's suffrage campaign from its origins in the 1860s through to the achievement of equal suffrage in 1928. In this second edition, Smith provides new evidence drawn from the author's research on how the main post-1918 women's organisation (the NUSEC) worked with Conservative Party women to persuade the Conservative Party to endorse equal franchise rights.

Smith focuses on the actions of reformers and their opponents, with due attention paid to the campaigns in Scotland and Wales as well as the movements in England. He explores why women's suffrage was such a contentious issue, and how women gained the vote despite opponents' fears that it would undermine gender boundaries.

Suitable for students studying the Suffrage Movement, modern British history and the history of gender.


History is a narrative constructed by historians from traces left by the past. Historical enquiry is often driven by contemporary issues and, in consequence, historical narratives are constantly revisited and reshaped. Seminar Studies in History was designed to bridge the gap between current research and the broad, popular general surveys that often date rapidly.

The volumes in the series are written by historians who are not only familiar with the latest research in, and current debates about, their topic, but also have contributed to that research and the debates. The books are intended to provide the reader with a clear introduction to a major topic in history. They give a narrative and analysis of events and highlight contemporary controversies. They include the kinds of tools generally omitted from specialist monographs – chronologies and a glossary – as well as that essential tool, an up-to-date bibliography. They conclude with a selection of documents – some traces of the past illustrative of events described, which also serve as the historian’s raw materials.

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