The Politics of Gender: A Survey

The Politics of Gender: A Survey

The Politics of Gender: A Survey

The Politics of Gender: A Survey


This new title in the Politics of... series addresses the major theme of the politics of gender. Chapters on a variety of issues, contributed by experts in the field of gender, include Human Trafficking and EU Law, Gender in International Relations, the Gender Politics of Philosphy/Political Theory, the Construction of Masculinity in Hollywood Movies, the Politics of Law, and the Politics of Mainstreaming Gender in the Peace and Security Agenda of the African Union.

An A-Z glossary offers supplementary information on key terms, with entries including abortion, Commission on the Status of Women, ecofeminism, equal access, human rights, migration, population control, and sex tourism.


This book, The Politics of Gender, is intended to aid researchers, academics, students, the media, and all those interested in the relationship between gender and politics. It is informed by no single perspective and encompasses a broad range of topics in order to offer an extensive overview of the issues concerned.

The volume is divided into three sections. The first comprises original essays, each exploring some dimension of the politics of gender. There are many ways of looking at gender politics, and the authors do not share a common approach or framework for analysing the politics of gender. Hence, each essay reflects the contributor’s specific research interests and theoretical commitments. Topics cover a broad range of issues within the realm of gender politics: the editor offers a general introduction on gender politics, while the following chapters offer overviews, analyses and case studies that include Romani women in Eastern and Central Europe, Hobbes, masculinity in Hollywood films, the gender politics of international relations, gender and climate change, female trafficked migrants, travel writing and journalism, gender and genocide, gender and the African Union, and sovereignty, subjectivity and human rights in terms of gender politics.

An extensive A–Z glossary of key concepts, issues, personalities and terms follows. Entries include affirmative action, Simone de Beauvoir, borders, Commission on the Status of Women, contraception, International Bill of Rights, intertextuality and women in development, offering a wide-ranging overview of gender politics world-wide.

The book concludes with an extensive bibliography for further research, partly drawn from the chapter contributors.

Yoke-Lian Lee Stone February 2010 . . .

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