How the Best Teachers Differentiate Instruction

How the Best Teachers Differentiate Instruction

How the Best Teachers Differentiate Instruction

How the Best Teachers Differentiate Instruction


This accessible and practical guide shows teachers how to provide their students with a variety of ways to strengthen their understanding of new material. A selection of assessments is also available to ensure that students have mastered classroom content, regardless of their individual learning styles, abilities, and needs. Contents include:

  • What is differentiated instruction and why do we differentiate?
  • Know your students
  • Management for differentiated instruction
  • 12 ways to differentiate
  • And more!


It is the quality of the teacher that is the key to the educational success of the student. It is not new textbooks, innovative teaching techniques, or state-ofthe-art facilities that make up the bottom line but rather we, the teachers. Without quality teachers, the most innovative and well-intended advances in education are stopped in their tracks.

We truly make the difference in the lives of every student we teach. In the hands of a quality teacher, all of the above-mentioned are priceless. In the hands of an ineffective teacher, they are worthless… mere “things” that serve only to mask the fact that no transfer of knowledge is occurring. Education cannot occur in the absence of excellence that comes in the form of a superior teacher.

We firmly believe that we carry the awesome responsibility of being in perpetual search of excellence and that we must never lose our focus on the fact that each child, each human, is different. We must vow to reach our students and to teach our students using the methods that best suit the needs of the individual.

This book will provide you with the tools to do just that. You do not need more programs, newer textbooks, or nicer facilities to become a better teacher. You simply need a strong will and a few straightforward, practical, doable, easily implemented methods and strategies that will foster interest and growth in every child you teach. Their educations are in your hands… and now, here within the pages of this book, are the tools. We hope that you will find them as effective and as effortless to implement as we have and that your students will begin to wonder why the time flies so quickly in your classroom! Best wishes!

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