Political Public Relations: Principles and Applications

Political Public Relations: Principles and Applications

Political Public Relations: Principles and Applications

Political Public Relations: Principles and Applications


Political Public Relations maps and defines this emerging field, bringing together scholars from various disciplines--political communication, public relations and political science--to explore the area in detail. The volume connects differing schools of thought, bringing together theoretical and empirical investigations, and defines a field that is becoming increasingly important and prominent. It offers an international orientation, as the field of political public relations must be studied in the context of various political and communication systems to be fully understood.

As a singular contribution to scholarship in public relations and political communication, this work fills a significant gap in the existing literature, and is certain to influence future theory and research.


While political communication and public relations have always been closely intertwined, public relations strategies and tactics are probably more ubiquitous in political communication today than ever. Still, there is neither much theorizing nor empirical research on political public relations. Most public relations theory and research centers on public relations strategies and tactics in relation to the corporate sector, while most political communication research neglects or only briefly mentions public relations theory and research. The same is true of most political science research. Furthermore, political communication scholars are seldom well versed in public relations theory, whereas public relations scholars seldom display a deep understanding of what makes political communication and politics different from other areas of inquiry.

In other words, despite the importance of political public relations, the general rule is that there is not much theorizing and research that manages or even attempts to bridge the gap between public relations, political communication, and political science theory and research.

To remedy this and to encourage integrative theory and research that bridges the gap between public relations, political communication, political science, and other related fields, we decided to edit this book. This is the main purpose of this book, which is intended for undergraduate and graduate students as well as scholars in political communication, public relations, political science, and political marketing. We also hope it will be of interest to practitioners in political public relations

As the first book explicitly focusing on political public relations, we have tried to cover the most important contexts of political public relations. The overview of the content is included in the first chapter, but briefly, the volume includes chapters on political public relations and news management, agenda . . .

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