Cases in Advertising Management

Cases in Advertising Management

Cases in Advertising Management

Cases in Advertising Management


"Cases in Advertising Management" offers a wide range of short, medium-length, and longer cases, all designed to illuminate the topics covered in an Advertising Management course. The book can stand alone, or, for instructors who wish to incorporate a combined casebook and textbook approach, it can be adopted alongside any standard text, including Advertising Management by the same authors.The book features actual real-life cases that reflect current trends in the advertising and promotion industry, with a strong emphasis on digital media and integrated marketing communications. A detailed introduction ('How to Analyze a Case Study') is followed by 30 cases, covering a full range of topics for a semester-long course, including financial management, business planning, strategic planning, budgeting, human resource management, and managing change.


Advertising is a fast-paced, dynamic field that is constantly changing. To be successful in the field of advertising, you will need a broad knowledge base, experience, and the ability to assess a problem and develop a cogent point of view quickly. Cases in Advertising Management is designed to help you gain this skill set.

Knowledge is based on information. Information is only as good as your application of it to solving a specific problem. The Advertising Management casebook provides a variety of advertising business situations. Through these cases you should gain a broad knowledge base of technical advertising skills, personnel management interaction, and business applications of running an advertising company. You will be asked to read, interpret, and apply your knowledge to solve real-world, realwork situations.


This casebook was developed to give students and practitioners in training programs a contemporary resource to guide their management training. The casebook is designed to be a companion to the Advertising Management textbook by Donald W. Jugenheimer and Larry D. Kelley. However, the management textbook was written so that it can be a stand-alone publication or be used with other advertising management texts on the market.

The casebook includes actual advertising cases and information (although in many instances the names of organizations and individuals have been changed). The cases reflect the changing nature of advertising that include a significant amount of digital media and integrated marketing communications situations.


This book consists of many individual cases, each one dealing with a different area of advertising management. Each chapter is organized to include a case study as well as tips for interpreting the information. As with all case study textbooks, there is no right or wrong answer. You must assess each case and develop your point of view based on the information available. As long as you can explain and justify your decisions and recommendations, you can support your solutions.

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