Psychological Trauma and Addiction Treatment

Psychological Trauma and Addiction Treatment

Psychological Trauma and Addiction Treatment

Psychological Trauma and Addiction Treatment


Important reading for current and future addictions treatment clinicians--this book synthesizes and integrates the expanding body of knowledge about combined trauma/addiction treatment to specifically address the needs of clinicians in addiction treatment environments

Here, in a single source, is an essential overview of trauma treatment for people in addiction treatment settings. Psychological Trauma and Addiction Treatment presents specific methodologies and techniques for clients in inpatient and outpatient addiction/mental health settings. The contributors--leading clinicians and researchers in the field--provide a comprehensive set of scientific treatment approaches addressing a broad spectrum of trauma disorders.

Psychological Trauma and Addiction Treatment brings you up-to-date, authoritative coverage of:
  • the dynamics of co-occurring psychological trauma and addiction
  • all of the primary treatment frameworks currently utilized in trauma treatment
  • treatment frameworks that take gender into account
  • cognitive therapies in treating these co-occurring disorders
  • the role of psychodynamic psychotherapies in treatment
  • attachment disorders and their relation to trauma and addiction treatment
  • EMDR as a treatment for traumatized addicts
  • the psychoneurology of trauma and the implications of psychoneurology in addictions and trauma treatment
  • how self-help groups can contribute to and limit recovery for psychologically traumatized clients
  • forgiveness therapy as an adjunct to trauma treatment
  • counselor self-care for those who work with this client population
Ultimately, this is a book of hope. Every author in this text has a firm belief that people with co-occurring trauma and addiction can recover, can maintain quality relationships, can confront life's challenges as they arise, and can be happy and fulfilled. Psychological Trauma and Addiction Treatment is designed as essential reading for entry-level and experienced addiction counselors, social workers, professional counselors, psychologists, and others working in the trauma treatment field.


Psychological trauma is the most common complicating factor in treatment and recovery from addictive disorders and can seriously impede personal, interpersonal and spiritual growth in recovery. People who might otherwise blossom in treatment become our treatment failures. Clients resist engaging in treatment of both disorders simultaneously because of misinformation gained in treatment and self-help settings. Perhaps most pervasively, individuals treated for addictive disorders, but not treated for their trauma reactions, reach a point in recovery and don’t continue to grow. They maintain abstinence, but are never able to overcome the psychological and interpersonal effects of trauma. They become, in effect, our walking wounded.

In recent years there has been an increasing interest in co-occurring disorders in general and, more specifically, in co-occurring trauma and addictive illnesses. Clinicians who address the needs of trauma survivors seem much more open today to confronting the co-occurring problems of addiction, other compulsive behaviors, depression, anxiety disorders, sexual dysfunctions, and relational problems experienced by trauma survivors as well as the direct sequela of trauma wounds. Counselors and therapists working in addictions treatment settings likewise appear more knowledgeable and skilled in treating co-occurring disorders commonly seen in addicted clients. The “folk wisdom” that if people get sober they will see a remission of symptoms of other disorders, that concurrent treatment of co-occurring disorders will interfere with addictions recovery and that addressing symptoms of other disorders invites the client to continue to be “in denial” of their addictive illness are no longer as prevalent in clinical settings. This misinformation is being

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