Eisenhower is the president who established America as a superpower. He had already launched his reputation as the leading US military figure in the Second World War and then as supreme commander of the land forces of the newly created NATO. This book looks at how Eisenhower held power in the political field, and to what extent his political career was a success.

For readers interested in 20th Century American History.


This book rests upon study of various aspects of Eisenhower’s career on the part of the author over many years, in particular Eisenhower’s correspondence with Winston Churchill, 1953–55, his correspondence with Anthony Eden, 1955–57, the Suez crisis, the Hungarian Revolution and Eisenhower’s relations with the Soviet Union. Expression of gratitude for assistance with regard to this book must first, therefore, be to all to whom I have been indebted for assistance in these earlier studies, whom I shall not attempt to specify in detail.

With regard to this book, I wish to express my gratitude to the British Academy for a research grant in 2003. I am grateful to the University of Nottingham for a sabbatical leave for a semester in 2003. I express my appreciation for assistance to the librarians and archivists at the Dwight

D. Eisenhower Library in Abilene, Kansas, especially David Haight. I am grateful for assistance to the staff of the Public Record Office, National Archives, Kew, Surrey.

I am very grateful to Christine Worthington for typing the manuscript. I am very appreciative of the assistance of my editor at Pearson, Heather McCallum, and of the General Editor of the Profiles in Power series, Keith Robbins.

My greatest debt is to the authors and editors of the very extensive historiography on Eisenhower and to innumerable colleagues and students with whom I have discussed ideas on Eisenhower over many years.

All of this assistance has not only helped to improve the quality of my understanding of the subject but has saved me from many particular errors. For errors that remain I accept responsibility.

Nottingham April 2004 . . .

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