Differentiated Instruction: A Guide for Elementary Teachers

Differentiated Instruction: A Guide for Elementary Teachers

Differentiated Instruction: A Guide for Elementary Teachers

Differentiated Instruction: A Guide for Elementary Teachers


This book demonstrates how to make your classroom more responsive to the needs of individual students with a wide variety of learning styles, interests, goals, cultural backgrounds, and prior knowledge. Focusing on grades K through 6, it showcases classroom-tested activities and strategies. Differentiated Instruction: A Guide for Elementary School Teachers shows you how to vary your instruction so you can respond to the needs of individual learners. The examples and classroom activities in this book focus on
- reading fiction - reading non-fiction - vocabulary
- spelling - penmanship - map and globe skills
- math - science - the arts
Also included is coverage of
- differentiated instruction for English language learners
- brain-based learning and multiple intelligences
- the impact of differentiated instruction on high stakes testing.


As an instructional coach, Amy Benjamin is the ultimate professional. She is direct, fair, informed, current, and insightful. Any teacher or administrator would be fortunate to have her courtside. The practical strategies and possible plans recommended in Differentiated Instruction are designed to help teachers revise their classroom performance. The result of this revision is ultimately tailored to increase student productivity and performance.

In an age of standards and testing, it is easy to lose sight of the long-term effect schooling can have on our learners. Every teacher knows there is a range of needs behind those faces staring up at them. Certainly, we need to help our students execute skill assessment well in formal testing situations, and Amy helps us here. What is impressive about her suggestions is that the teacher will enable students to see that the strategies and approaches they hone in class go beyond any test and can serve them in situations beyond the classroom. The key for the teacher is to provide what the individual student needs, to adjust classroom lessons accordingly, and to engage students in meaningful activity.

Amy Benjamin helps us see a way to take this formidable task on with intelligence and creativity.

Staff developers, curriculum writers, and instructors have much to value in these pages. Building on her previous work with Eye on Education, Amy is generating a productive set of books to coach us in this new century.

Heidi Hayes Jacobs . . .

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