Shakespearian Comedy

Shakespearian Comedy

Shakespearian Comedy

Shakespearian Comedy


First published in 1938.

This is a survey of Shakepeare's comedies which illustrates the playwright's increasing grasp on the art and idea of comedy.

Themes, characters and plays covered include: Romanticism in Shakespearian comedy; Shakespeare's Jew, Falstaff, The Taming of the Shrew, A Midsummer Night's Dream,and The Dark Comedies.


CHAPTERS 2 to 9 in this volume were first published in numbers of the Bulletin of the John Rylands Library between July 1930 and October 1937. Chapter 2 was reprinted in the World’s Classic’s volume, Shakespeare Criticism 1919–1935. I wish to thank my fellow-governors of the John Rylands Library for permission to reprint these chapters. In particular, I want to make avowal of obligation to my friend Dr. Henry Guppy, Librarian of the John Rylands Library. As one of the John Rylands lecturers, it is not for me to praise him for his choice of lecturers. I can however say that his programme of lectures during the last thirty years has made scholars in Europe and America gratefully realize the wealth of the library of which he is the devoted guardian. And I am surely quite free to express my personal gratitude for the forethought with which he eases the lecturer’s task and for the charm with which from the chair he adds dignity and grace to the occasion of the lecture.


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