Attachment: Expanding the Cultural Connections

Attachment: Expanding the Cultural Connections

Attachment: Expanding the Cultural Connections

Attachment: Expanding the Cultural Connections


Attachment: Expanding the Cultural Connections is an exciting exploration of the latest trends in the theory and application of attachment within cross-cultural settings. The book's insightful analysis, remarkable case studies, and groundbreaking research make it essential reading for any clinician or scholar interested in perceptions of love and attachment.


What cannot be communicated to the (m) other cannot be communicated to the

John Bowlby, 1991

Attachment theory is concerned with the relationships between people. Its fundamental premise seems to be that children need to have attached to at least one of their primary love objects or parents in order to develop normally. The theory is attributed to psychiatrist John Bowlby.

There has been extensive research showing how attachment correlates with children’s functioning as well as adult behavior. The level or style of attachment seems to explain adult relationships as to whether relationships are insecure or secure. Securely attached adults have positive views of themselves and partners and feel comfortable with intimacy. Insecure styles tend to be less trusting and have more difficulty connecting with their partners and their own children.

In an earlier volume in this series Phyllis Erdman and Tom Caffrey showed how family systems theory and attachment theory are complimentary and can be combined to deepen therapeutic effect. In this volume she combines with KokMun Ng to explore the universality of attachment theory. They bring together professionals from around the globe—Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey, Korea, India, Israel, South Africa, and several locations in the United States. These authors from various cultural backgrounds provide a new, cross-cultural perspective to attachment theory.

This book provides the foundation to effectively use attachment theory with today’s multi-cultural clients. This volume provides the research and knowledge to help therapists to effectively understand their clients and develop attachmentcentered interventions. The profession is indebted to the work of Drs. Erdman, Ng and their collaborators.

Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD Series Editor

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