Vox Populi: The O'Shaughnessy Files

Vox Populi: The O'Shaughnessy Files

Vox Populi: The O'Shaughnessy Files

Vox Populi: The O'Shaughnessy Files


Vox Populi is the long-awaited fourth collection of interviews, editorials, essays, observations and keen insight from legendary New York broadcaster William O'Shaughnessy. With this inspiring new anthology, Bill is back in a big way, offering compelling dialogue and opinion on timely issues and current events in politics, media, the arts and popular culture.A masterful interviewer, O'Shaughnessy goes one-on- one with Barbara Taylor Bradford, Steve Forbes,Joe Califano and a colorful band of townie characters from Westchester - the Golden Apple. Broadcastingfor five decades from what the Wall Street Journal hailed as the quintessential community station in America,his thoughtful and muscular commentaries have been widely praised in all the important journalsin the land.A self-styled First Amendment voluptuary,O'Shaughnessy is a stellar defender of Free Speech,having devoted the good part of fifty years to fighting censorship and government intrusion from his influentialperch in the heart of the Eastern Establishment.He's the one they roll out when the likes of Howard Stern, Bob Grant and Imus get in a jam. Colorful national figures and beguiling towniesabound in Vox Populi which is also laden with exquisitely beautiful eulogies and tributes to his departed friends Tim Russert, Wellington Mara, Robert Merrill and Ossie Davis.And, as in every Bill O'Shaughnessy book, there is stunning and powerful wisdom and brilliant observationsfrom Governor Mario Cuomo whom he so admires.The great American historian David McCullough observed: I always look forward to reading the historyof our times Bill O'Shaughnessy has written.O'Shaughnessy is an authentic American voice.


Bill O’Shaughnessy’s previous books were so good, I couldn’t put them down. This one, when you put it down … you literally can’t pick it up again! If they get any thicker, we’ll have to put them on wheels!

Bill’s personal commentaries, written with casually elegant language, make you wish the whole country was hearing and reading his work. Actually, the whole world can now savor his genius thanks to the Internet and wvox.com. He is a journalist, commentator, connoisseur, a strong political presence, and a forceful advocate of great causes.

During his remarkable fifty-year run as the permittee of WVOX and WVIP, O’Shaughnessy has used his great Gaelic gift of words, a sharp mind, deep conviction, and the capacity for powerful advocacy to inspire the fainthearted, guide the eager, and charm almost everyone he meets. As a broadcaster and author, he has written and spoken simple truths and powerful political arguments with a good heart.

As an interviewer, Bill O’Shaughnessy is a magic miner of fascinating nuggets coaxed from a host of extraordinarily interesting people, some of them celebrities and others previously undiscovered neighborhood gems. O’Shaughnessy is among a select few who create magic with their words. He always brings us a rich flow of genuine American opinions and sentiment.

Few people have or had as rich a talent for “writing for the ear”— Charles Kuralt and Charles Osgood, certainly. Also the late, legendary Paul Harvey. And Bill O’Shaughnessy.

He can’t describe a scene as well as Jimmy Breslin. He’s not as “easy” a writer as Pete Hamill. But when he’s on his game, Brother Bill is better than anyone on the air or in print.

We don’t always agree politically. But O’Shaughnessy has never lost his instinct for the underdog. He is a constant reminder of a Republican Party that was much better for this country.

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