Romans, a Shorter Commentary

Romans, a Shorter Commentary

Romans, a Shorter Commentary

Romans, a Shorter Commentary


A nontechnical abridgment of Cranfield's highly acclaimed two-volume commentary on Romans in the International Critical Commentary series. Following a brief introduction, Cranfield provides section-by-section and verse-by-verse commentary on Romans, based on his own translation.


The generous reception given to my two-volume commentary on Romans in the International Critical Commentary has encouraged me to think that a shorter, less detailed, Greekless, version of it might perhaps be welcomed both by some students who have no Greek and also by a wider readership. It is one encouraging feature of the present time that there are clearly very many people in many parts of the world who earnestly desire to be helped to study the Bible.

I am grateful to Messrs. T. & T. Clark, Ltd., both for allowing me to make free use of material from my larger commentary and also for themselves undertaking the publication of this volume. My grateful thanks are also due to my friend, Ian S. McCulloch, of Durham, for most valuable help and advice at an early and decisive stage of this enterprise and for continuing to encourage me to the end of it; to Gary Lee, of the Editorial Staff, Wm. Eerdmans Publishing Company, for his vigilant and expert reading of the whole typescript, which has resulted in quite numerous improvements; and to my wife, who has been, as she always is, unfailing in her help and has now compiled the index, under extreme pressure of a deadline and at a time very inconvenient to herself, without complaining.

The translation of Paul’s letter which is used is virtually identical with that in the larger commentary, as printed in the 5th impression of the first volume and the 3rd impression of the second. Italics are used in the translation for words without equivalent in the Greek, added in order to complete the sense.

For detailed support of much in what follows the reader must be referred to the larger commentary. That work also contains abundant bibliographical information. Here I confine myself to mentioning just six other commentaries: C. K. Barrett, A Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans (Black’s NT Commentaries), London, 1957, many times reprinted; K. Barth, A Shorter Commentary on Romans (Eng. tr. of Kurze Erklärung . . .

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