Get Scrappy: Smarter Digital Marketing for Businesses Big and Small

Get Scrappy: Smarter Digital Marketing for Businesses Big and Small

Get Scrappy: Smarter Digital Marketing for Businesses Big and Small

Get Scrappy: Smarter Digital Marketing for Businesses Big and Small


"This book...will help you take your marketing to the next level without having to increase your budget a dollar" -- Inc.

Mashable Best New Marketing Books to Read in 2017

Selected by Oracle Marketing Cloud as a Top 15 Marketing Book for 2016

It's an exciting time to be in marketing: The Internet, social media, and content marketing are powerful equalizers, resetting the playing field for businesses large and small. Yet, it's also a challenging time, with much work to do and an ever-changing array of platforms, features, and networks to master--all on a tighter budget than before.

Don't get discouraged, get scrappy! Shattering the myth that only big brands can do big things, Get Scrappy will help you:

  • Demystify digital marketing in a way that makes sense for your business
  • Do more with less
  • Build a strong brand with something to say
  • Find inspiration in unexpected places
  • Create relevant and engaging content and promote it via Twitter, Facebook, and other channels
  • Integrate strategy and message across touchpoints for a unified brand experience--both online and off
  • Spark dialogue with your community of customers
  • Measure what matters

The result is a reliable, repeatable system for reinventing your marketing as marketing reinvents itself. Featuring frameworks, hacks, tips, idea starters, and more, Get Scrappy is the map you need to take your marketing from good to great.


My favorite example of scrappy marketing comes from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley in Millbrae, California.

Just before Christmas of 2014, the shelter had taken in a little jerk of a dog—a Chihuahua named “Eddie the Terrible.”

Eddie was a handful. He snapped at other dogs. He didn’t like kids. He was socially awkward. And he had very specific sleeping demands—as in: as close to a human being as he could possibly press his small, yellow body.

So what does a shelter do with a dog like that? A dog that is anything but low-maintenance? A dog that will never pull Timmy out of the well, as Finnegan Dowling, the shelter’s social media manager, put it?

In Eddie’s case, the shelter simply leaned into the kind of marketing Nick Westergaard describes in this book.

Rather than talking up Eddie’s merits, the shelter actively discouraged people from adopting him. They underscored his shortcomings in a series of graphics and blog posts. They wrote a ridiculously creative, hilarious, and honest adoption listing for him.

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