Eating and Weight Disorders

Eating and Weight Disorders

Eating and Weight Disorders

Eating and Weight Disorders


Eating disorders refer to a range of problems characterized by abnormal eating behaviours and beliefs about eating, weight, and shape. Eating disorders, which are classified as psychiatric problems, and obesity, which is classified as a general medical condition, reflect a diverse and perplexing array of biological, social, and psychological phenomena. Beginning with a comprehensive overview of eating and weight disorders, this volume also covers:

  • anorexia nervosa
  • bulimia nervosa
  • atypical eating disorders and binge eating disorders
  • obesity.

Including the most up-to-date research, Carlos Grilo provides a balanced and authoritative overview of current thinking in the fields of eating disorders and obesity with broad yet in-depth coverage of the areas. This highly readable book is an indispensable resource to students and professionals in clinical psychology, health psychology, and psychiatry.


Clinical Psychology: A Modular Course was designed to overcome the problems faced by the traditional textbook in conveying what psychological disorders are really like. All the books in the series, written by leading scholars and practitioners in the field, can be read as standalone text, but they will also integrate with the other modules to form a comprehensive resource in clinical psychology. Students of psychology, medicine, nursing, and social work, as well as busy practitioners in many professions, often need an accessible but thorough introduction to how people experience anxiety, depression, addiction, or other disorders, how common they are, and who is most likely to suffer from them, as well as up-to-date research evidence on the causes and available treatments. The series will appeal to those who want to go deeper into the subject than the traditional textbook will allow, and base their examination answers, research projects, assignments, or practical decisions on a clearer and more rounded appreciation of the clinical and research evidence.

Chris R. Brewin

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