The Giroux Reader

The Giroux Reader

The Giroux Reader

The Giroux Reader


One of the world's leading social critics and educational theorists, Henry A. Giroux has contributed significantly to critical pedagogy, cultural studies, youth studies, social theory, and cultural politics. This new book offers a carefully selected cross-section of Giroux's many scholarly and popular writings, which bridge the theoretical and practical, integrate multiple academic disciplines, and fuse scholarly rigor with social relevance. The essays underscore the continuities and transformations in Giroux's thought, just as they offer invaluable approaches to understanding a range of social problems. Giroux's work suggests that a more humane and democratic world is possible and provides critical tools that can assist concerned citizens in bringing it into being.



Reading Henry Giroux
Critique, Possibility, and the Promise of Democracy


In an age where irrelevance is fashionable and low expectations dominate public discourse, Henry A. Giroux’s work is an anomaly. It refuses to be inconsequential or strive for mediocrity. Giroux’s wide-ranging studies of education, politics, culture and society are not only engaging and challenging—sometimes even disturbing—they are, more fundamentally, crucial resources for educators, parents, young people, and other citizens concerned with reclaiming and revitalizing democratic public life and its supporting institutions, practices and languages. At a time of momentous political retreat, this means that Giroux’s body of work is necessary. It demands to be read carefully, reread closely, interrogated critically, appropriated wisely, and inserted widely into public conversations in order to gain a sense of the despairing civic atrophy currently undermining democratic public life in the U.S. Giroux’s work is instructive for citizens concerned with the question of how and where to begin building a political culture, and educating its agents, in ways that can offset a fundamentally reordered, mass-mediated, market-driven, and globalized world in the interests of a social order that is more humane, less exclusionary—more democratic in form, content, function, and effects. Hopefully, this carefully selected sampling of Giroux’s many writings will help, in some modest way, in such a process.

Evolving over the course of nearly 40 years, 40 authored, coauthored, edited, and coedited volumes, 280 scholarly popular press articles, and 154 contributions to edited collections, in addition to a highly regarded teaching career and frequent public speaking engagements, Giroux’s lifework is not merely impressive. It stands as a testament to this engaged oppositional public intellectual’s commitment to the project of a radical, inclusive democratic social order. To society’s benefit, Giroux’s intellectual and civic contributions have always been immunized to the plague of rapid-fire thought and politics of premature conclusions that pervade the political discourses of the public . . .

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