Christianity and Chinese Culture

Christianity and Chinese Culture

Christianity and Chinese Culture

Christianity and Chinese Culture


The rapidly growing Chinese Protestant Church faces a significant challenge: it must adapt itself to the unique dimensions of Chinese culture, leaving behind the trail of old missionary theology and molding an authentically Chinese approach to biblical interpretation and Christian life -- an approach that works within both the traditional and the contemporary dimensions of Chinese society.

Rising from an extraordinary 2003 Sino-Nordic conference on Chinese contextual theology -- which brought Chinese university scholars and church theologians together for the first time -- Christianity and Chinese Culture addresses ways in which the church in China is responding to that challenge. The essays collected here highlight both the stunning complexities confronting Protestant Christianity in China and its remarkable potential.


The book at hand contains papers that were given in a very special theological conference, “Christianity and Chinese Culture: a Sino-Nordic Conference on Chinese Contextual Theology,” held in Lapland, Finland, August 1317, 2003. This was the first time that a widely representative group of Chinese university scholars and theologians of the Protestant Church of China had joined around the same table to discuss how Protestant Christianity is reacting to the challenges arising from traditional Chinese culture and from the present historical and cultural situation.

The aim of the conference was to promote academic and theological reflection on the formation of Protestant Christianity in the context of traditional Chinese culture, and in the context of modern Chinese culture and society. Our purpose was also to foster theological discussion between Chinese academic specialists of Christianity and theologians from the Chinese Protestant Church, in critical discussion together with theologians from northern Europe and from other countries. All of the conference papers were given by Chinese scholars and theologians. Nordic and other scholars

1. the conference was organized by the North European nime research organization (Nordic Institute for Missionary and Ecumenical Research) in cooperation with the Department of Systematic Theology, Faculty of Theology, University of Helsinki, and the Union for Christian Culture of Finland. nime includes members from all the Nordic theological faculties. the conference was financed by the Academy of Finland. Financial help was also received from Areopagos, the Finnish Evangelical-Lutheran Mission, and the Finnish Bible Society. the Chinese version of the conference book was published under the title Jidu zongjiao yu Zhongguo wenhua by China Social Sciences Press, Beijing, 2004.

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