Hoosiers: The Fabulous Basketball Life of Indiana

Hoosiers: The Fabulous Basketball Life of Indiana

Hoosiers: The Fabulous Basketball Life of Indiana

Hoosiers: The Fabulous Basketball Life of Indiana


Named by The New York Times as "a knowing, respectful and caring look at heartland America" and containing a new foreword by legendary player Bob Plump, this is a book every basketball lover should own. The best of Phillip Hoose's classic writings are included here with a fresh look on Indiana's favorite and most beloved sport. A new edition of a well-known Indiana classic, Hoosiers profiles some of the world's most famous basketball players and coaches--Larry Bird, Bobby Plump, Damon Bailey, Steve Alford, Stephanie White, and Bob Knight among them--along with Indiana towns, schools, and programs. The ultimate book for the diehard fan, Hoosiers: The Fabulous Basketball Life of Indiana explores Hoosier hysteria in all its glory.


Bob Plump

I first talked with Phil Hoose about thirty years ago. He had an assignment for Sports Illustrated that later became a book. It was a memorable conversation. of course, we discussed the 1954 Milan High School Basketball State Tournament win. I was fortunate enough to be a part of that memorable game when my rural high school defeated a much bigger school whose gym could have seated seven times the population of our entire town.

Phil wanted to know what it was like to still have people be so interested in a guy who made a basketball shot in a high school game played over 60 years ago. I told him that it still baffles me, but it is humbling that people from all over are still fascinated by the shot, the game, and me!

To reach the state final game we played and defeated Indianapolis Crispus Attucks High, one of two racially segregated high schools in Indiana at that time. It was an all-black team versus an all-white team, played in the state’s biggest city. Phil wanted to know what it was like for us as a team and if we had played against black players before. Yes, we had previously played against black players. As far as it being an issue for our team, it just wasn’t. Our coach, Marvin Wood never even mentioned it. He did mention that they were good though! As a result, it was just like any other important game for us. the team’s focus was on winning the ballgame … not that the opponents were black.

Through painstaking research, skilled interviewing and fine writing, Phil Hoose has written the go-to book about Indiana basketball. Hoosiers is a great read for anyone but especially for those of us who love the sport of basketball. As Sports Illustrated’s Alex Wolff put it in 2003, “Of all the books written about high school basketball in Indiana, this is the one that has lasted and will last, for good reason: None better explains the whys and wherefores, the context, culture, and fascinating history behind the hysteria.”

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