John Calvin's Impact on Church and Society, 1509-2009

John Calvin's Impact on Church and Society, 1509-2009

John Calvin's Impact on Church and Society, 1509-2009

John Calvin's Impact on Church and Society, 1509-2009


A tribute to the monumental influence of John Calvin in the 500 years since his birth.

What legacies, still enduring today, have John Calvin and Calvinism given to the church and society in Europe and North America? An international group of scholars tackles that question in this volume honoring Calvin's 500th birthday. These chapters together provide a comprehensive and accessible introduction to Calvin's life and thought, the history of the Reformation in Switzerland and worldwide, and his continuing relevance for ecclesial, social, and political questions today.


What does Calvin have to say to us today? the twelve essays of this volume invite us to consider this question. They do, however, demonstrate in an impressive manner the renewing power of Calvin’s biblical theology for the society and church of his time in western Europe and later in North America — without turning a blind eye to the problematic aspects of Calvin’s character and work. These essays illustrate, in a variety of ways, Calvin’s dictum that “wherever God is recognized, humankind is provided for,” thus urging us to consider the close connection between theology and ethical, social, and political responsibility.

Could there be a better occasion for this than the upcoming 500th anniversary of John Calvin’s birth in 2009? Although Calvin was from France, his Reformation originated in Geneva, a city closely linked with the Swiss Confederation. Alongside Heinrich Bullinger, it was John Calvin who was responsible for the unification of Protestantism in Switzerland (the Zurich Agreement) and thus for the development of Reformed Protestantism as such. Calvin’s influence has been particularly strong with regard to Protestantism around the world, a movement that the Swiss Reformed churches have remained linked to in many ways.

The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC) continues to maintain the great relevance of the work of John Calvin, and has thus taken it upon itself to initiate a number of different events and projects — both national and international — for Calvin Year 2009. This includes the . . .

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