The Letters to Timothy and Titus

The Letters to Timothy and Titus

The Letters to Timothy and Titus

The Letters to Timothy and Titus


The most accessible, most broadly pitched full-length commentary on Timothy and Titus, this NICNT volume explores Paul's three letters to Timothy and Titus within their historical, religious, and cultural settings.

In his introduction, Towner sets out the rationale for his historical approach, questions certain assumptions of recent critical scholarship, and establishes the uniqueness and individuality of each letter. Significantly, Towner's work displays unprecedented interaction with four recent major commentaries on these Pauline letters. Centered on an outstanding translation of the Greek text and including thorough footnotes, bibliographical citations, and indexes, Towner's commentary on Timothy and Titus is sure to become a standard reference for busy pastors, students, and scholars.


When I first agreed to succeed the late F. F. Bruce as editor of this series of commentaries, there were three volumes that had not yet been published (Matthew, the Pastoral Epistles, Jude–2 Peter), and this was to be my first task as editor. For a variety of reasons, it is now a decade and a half later, and the present volume (happily) is the first of these three now to see the light of day (and there is good hope for the other two within a couple of years). So as editor it is my delight finally to write an “Editor’s Preface” for one of the three “missing” volumes.

It is also a distinct privilege to introduce this volume to the church and academy. Some forty years after the original contract had been issued for this volume by the original editor, Professor Ned Stonehouse, but for several reasons had not come to fruition, Dr. Towner first approached me in 1990 about the possibility of his writing this commentary. in the meantime Phil had been a colleague for a year as a Visiting Professor at Regent College, where we struck up a very cordial and lasD tion consultant with the United Bible Societies, he also had a couple of other projects on his plate.

Those who use this commentary will be glad that I waited. Phil wrote his doctoral dissertation on some theological and ethical aspects of these letters, which was published in 1989 and has become an important part of the literature. Meanwhile, having worked closely with Professor I. Howard Marshall (his Doktorvater) on the latter’s International Critical Commentary volume, Dr. Towner now had had plenty of experience working through the text yet one more time with great care. in the meantime he has also published widely on various aspects of these letters, and in so doing has developed his own approach and understanding of the so-called Pastoral Epistles.

Here is a commentary that was therefore a delight to edit. Having . . .

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