Peter in Early Christianity

Peter in Early Christianity

Peter in Early Christianity

Peter in Early Christianity


A fresh scholarly look at the apostle Peter and his significance in the early church and beyond

Long overshadowed by the apostle Paul, Peter has received increased scholarly attention of late. Building on that resurgence of interest, nineteen internationally prominent scholars of early Christian history examine and reassess the historical Peter and his significance, offering a comprehensive view of Peter through analysis both of New Testament texts and of noncanonical literature.


Helen K. Bond and Larry W. Hurtado

The essays gathered together in this volume are some of the highlights of a conference organized by Edinburgh University’s Centre for the Study of Christian Origins in July 2013. After years of playing second fiddle to Paul, Peter has been the focus of a number of scholarly works over the last decade, and so it seemed like an opportune time to gather together an international team of experts to reconsider the apostle and his legacy within the early church. ngs — the essays reproduced here are those the editors consider to be the most significant, with an eye also to even coverage of the first three centuries in particular.

Two authors in the collection deserve special mention: one for his presence, the other for his absence. Although the conference was not specifically designed around the work of Professor Markus Bockmuehl, he quickly emerged as the undisputed guest of honor. As the author of two major recent works on Peter, virtually all of our contributors interacted with his scholarship in one way or another. We are extremely grateful to Professor Bockmuehl for his good-humored discussions throughout the conference and are pleased to be able to include his reflections on Hans Urs von Balthasar as the concluding essay in the volume. the second author is Sean Freyne. Professor Freyne

1. Markus Bockmuehl, The Remembered Peter in Ancient Reception and Modern Debate, wunt 1/262 (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2010); Simon Peter in Scripture and Memory: the New Testament Apostle in the Early Church (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2012).

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