The New Supervisor's Survival Manual

The New Supervisor's Survival Manual

The New Supervisor's Survival Manual

The New Supervisor's Survival Manual


Moving up to a supervisory position should be cause for celebration, not exasperation. Yet many first-timers are unprepared for the demands of this new role. They quickly become overwhelmed - to the detriment of the organization, their co-workers, and themselves. This friendly guide is full of field-tested help for novice supervisors. Brief yet comprehensive, it leads them through the key tasks and responsibilities of the job. Readers will learn to think and act like managers as they develop critical competencies such as: - establishing and maintaining high performance standards - communicating effectively at all levels of the organization - setting clear priorities - delegating and giving feedback to others - analyzing and resolving problems Filled with real-life examples, handy checklists, and tools for self-assessment, The New Supervisor's Survival Manual will enhance the self-confidence and comfort level of every reader.


You will never stub your toe standing still. the faster
you go, the more chance there is of stubbing your toe
but the more chance you have of getting somewhere.

—Charles Kettering, former president of General Motors

In your previous nonsupervisory position, your major concern was achieving whatever results the company expected from you as an individual contributor. To do this successfully, you probably reviewed goals, desired outcomes, and performance standards with your manager. Then, all you had to be concerned with was your own job performance: Were you doing enough quality work in a timely way at a reasonable cost?

No doubt, you took a great deal of pride in your work, held yourself accountable for excellent results, and demonstrated exemplary work habits. Your individual contributions made life easier for your supervisor, and you were rewarded regularly in ways that made you willing to continue doing a good job for yourself and for the company.

Recently, you were rewarded in a different way for your hard work and conscientious performance. Your promotion to this supervisory position is a form of recognition reserved for select individuals who have demonstrated the talent and the potential to lead others. This special recognition also brings with it some new responsibilities, such as:

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